Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The House on Straw Hill, Euro-Trash Galore

We have a good one today featuring beautiful women nude having deviant sex and a big bloody knife. I know what you're asking...are they having sex with each other or some guy? Yes. The knife! It gets a lot of use here and doesn't cut into the gratuitous heterosexual or lesbian pre-marital sex. Euro-Trash at its best in 1976's "The House on Straw Hill (aka "Trauma), directed by James Kenelm Clarke.
Paul (Udo Kier) is an unlikable sort writing a novel at his country estate. As our film opens he has weird and passionate pre-marital sex with his GF Suzanne (Fiona Richmond). Everything about Suzanne screams "RIP OFF MY CLOTHES AND HAVE VICIOUS SEX WITH ME!" Under pressure from his publisher Paul hires a typist/secretary. Hence the beautiful Linda (Linda Hayden) arrives with her dildo and vibrator. These two tools will get much use. She's a strange sort as she is willingly raped during a walk. She'll murder the offenders. Paul will try to seduce her but she isn't interested in him...yet.
As Linda goes to town with her dildo and vibrator...and fingers, Paul gets more intrigued by her...I wonder why. Uh oh, Linda has a hidden agenda. She might know Paul from somewhere and may be planning some no-good for him. As Linda moans and groans, she also begins a bloody rampage that will lead to Paul. Uh oh...Suzanne returns. This is good news for us as the two (her and Linda) will engage some steamy and passionate pre-marital sex. Paul doesn't know if he should be upset by this or turned on. As Suzanne and Linda deeply explore each other, Linda's mysterious plan is ramped up several levels. Get ready for a vicious and surprising ending.
Will Paul dive in and create a passionate threesome? Will Linda and Suzanne learn anything from each other? Exactly what is Linda's plan for Paul...and Suzanne? This one is definitely aimed at our prurient interests...not that that is a bad thing. For some steamy and erotic fun, with much blood and gore, enjoy "The House on Straw Hill."

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  1. My bet it will lead to a threesome, holy trinity... you know the drill, the catholics had something right.