Sunday, May 24, 2020

Knifepoint. Depraved and Uber Gratuitous

Of the more than 1300 films reviewed on this blog, this one might be the most depraved and vicious. Warning...stop reading here is you have said, "I'm not watching that, even I have my limits," in the past five years. Otherwise, enjoy! 2011's "Knifepoint," directed by Jed Strahm is our feature today...and you have been warned. You will watch this film and be saying to yourself, "Oh no! Surely they aren't going to show that!" Yep...they show it.
Two sultry sisters reside in a posh and secure Venice (California) apartment complex. Abbie (Katherine Randolph) also cares for her recently paralyzed sister Michele (Krista Braun). How did Michele get paralyzed...well, you'll hear the backstory and it will be filled with gratuitous bathtub scenes, naked cat-fighting, and female bath tub wrestling...if you must know. What does that have to do with Michele being paralyzed? Nothing! Then the psycho gang arrives. They have just finished murdering everyone else in the apartment complex...everyone! They'll gratuitously rape the paralyzed Michelle and Abbie. They'll rape them in back...some lesbian rape...some dildo rape...and some dagger rape...and they'll keep doing it. Okay, I warned you earlier...stop complaining.
As Michele and Abbie kill a lot of the gang, in gory fashion...don't ask, you'll see, psycho-bitch Lorraine (Kym Jackson) gets irate. She'll rape the duo some more, stab them, humiliate them, and when Abbie's fiance walks in, she'll rape him. Lorraine is out of control and will take a knife to Michele's groin and  [CENSORED].  Then the duo's parents and little brother arrive. The gang will rape the dad and [CENSORED]. As gang members and family members die horribly, the fate of Abbie and Michele seems fact, their fate will be far worse than grim.
Do Abbie and Michele have any shot at surviving this carnage? Is this a type of carnage that they will want to survive, or may death be preferable? How about psycho-bitch Lorraine...will her fate be a bloody one? You have been warned...I left out most of the gore, killings, carnage, and rape descriptions. Not the feel good film of 2011, and not for the Disney crowd. If you want hard-core exploitation and violence, see "Knifepoint."

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  1. Wonderful review, you are kind to tone it down, might have frightened me away!