Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Sasori, Convict Scorpion's Revenge

A sultry Japanese woman, armed with a Samurai sword seeking there anything better? Okay, granted...this one doesn't take place in an apocalyptic wasteland, but we will have cat-fights in the mud, blood spurting from severed limbs, dangerously beautiful femme-fatales, and some really unique kills. 2008's "Sasori" (aka "Female Convict Scorpion") is our feature today.
The glamorous and diminutive Nami (Miki Mizuno), clad in a sleek evening gown, awaits for her fiance and his family to arrive for a dinner party. A vicious gang intrudes, knocking the snot out of our beauty and sexually molest her. They will kill her fiance Hei Tai (Dylan Kuo) unless Nami kills Hei Tai's beautiful sister (Yuki Lau). Nami complies in order to save the man she loves and is sent to prison for life. In prison, Nami is tortured and raped mercilessly by other female inmates and the warden. The warden has the convicts fight each other in mud, usually clad in undies. To make a long story short, and leaving out much gratuitous action, Nami learns to fight and in a fit of rage kills all her enemies in a bloody shower scene.
Nami is hung out to die, and her corpse is dumped in the woods. Uh oh for some forgotten criminals, Nami isn't dead and is nursed back to health by a weird Kung Fu master...and of course taught Kung Fu. Revenge time! Nami, now clad in leather, begins her quest for revenge and goes through the gang that made her kill her future sister-in-law like crap through a goose. But wait! How about her old fiance, Hei Tai? No spoilers here, but you won't believe what happens to their relationship. The ending will be quite bloody and many Japanese beauties will die horribly.
Will Nami complete her quest for revenge? Will Nami and Hei Tai ever get married, or will Hei Tai swear revenge on the dame who killed his sister?  In a duel with Samurai swords, does a leather cocktail dress, or a silver sequins party-dress provide an advantage to the fashion conscious Asian babe? From cat-fights in the mud, to blood spurting across city streets, "Sasori" (directed by Joe Ma) is a story that will warm your heart...while it is still encased in your rib-cage.

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