Thursday, December 6, 2018

Literature Review: Salvage

We've seen it all before, and each time we love it more. That plot where a cavernous old mansion in the moors holds an unspeakable secret. Better yet, there is a locked laboratory...or bedroom...or basement...or attic! Oh yes, a cryptic warning from the mansion's master, "Don't go near that room." Then a beautiful damsel looking like Veronica Carlson or Ingrid Pitt finds a reason to sneak into that room. Of course there will be some ungodly fiend waiting. Hence the 2018 graphic novel "Salvage." Pure scifi/horror set in space in the future, far from the Gothic settings we love so much (or is it?). My buddy Martin Greene, one of the creators crafted the story, but kudos also to Mike Lynch (script), Neil McClements and Anthony O'Neill (artwork), Nikki Foxrobot (lettering), and Aidan Courtney (sketch gallery).
With much homage to the "Alien" franchise, a survey ship, Noland, with a tired crew falls victim to exhaustion, human error, and a space storm. Now adrift in space and losing air, The captain, Arkel, is ready with desperate measures to do what he has to. Fortunately, space-babe Grace, Arkel's ensign, picks up a signal from a Titan class ship, the Ridley. The Ridley is responding to the S.O.S. call. Does anyone believe this will go well? The beset crew has little choice. Oxygen is just about gone and crewman Yuri has a serious head injury. You'll see why but Arkel has the heebie-jeebies about the Ridley. Maybe he saw "Alien."
This cavernous ex-warship will hardly be a safe haven for our beset crew. No spoilers here but some truly horrific artwork will take us through the rest of the story. Arkel's hesitation will be replaced by pure lust for Mary Celeste (those of you who know the fate of the Mary Celeste will understand this is a bad omen), the daughter of a mad scientist. The sultry Grace isn't seduced by the space-vixen Mary, thus she will go exploring and what she finds will show up in an orgy of horrific images that will chase you into nightmare-land. The Ridley will emerge as a fiendish laboratory in space'll see.
Will our space-babes survive the unspeakable horror aboard the Ridley so they can engage in a cat-fight? Will Arkel stop thinking with his groin long enough to realize the danger he and his crew are in? Just what has the mad-scientist, who now commands the Ridley, turned this Titan warship into? Total horrific action will flood out of the pages of this graphic novel with images that will blow anything in the "Alien" franchise out of the water...or solar system, I should say. Kudos to the fine artists listed above for delivering us a graphic horror story in their graphic novel. To order "Salvage," click on the link below.
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