Friday, May 6, 2022

The Beast of the Yellow Night, Werewolf of The Philippines

Eddie Romero is a Filipino moviemaker who has made so many great films. In today's feature he brings the werewolf legend to The Philippines, kind of. Also, he casts Mary Charlotte Wilcox as the damsel in much distress. Ms. Wilcox steals the show, shall we say as a wife constantly searching for passionate sex. To make this a deeper story, we'll be shown a parable of man's spiral into Hell, through a schmuck who sells his soul to Satan. Our feature today is 1971's "The Beast of the Yellow Night."

Joseph Langdon (John Ashley) sells his soul to Satan as he dies in the jungle. For life, Satan (Vic Diaz) asks this schmuck, an American POW who cooperated with the Japanese, to serve him loyally. The down side, Satan changes him into a werewolf creature at will to shred local populations. When John does get killed, Satan takes his soul and puts it into the body of recently killed Philip Rogers (also John Ashley). Now its 1971 and Philip returns home from the hospital with his hot wife, Julia (Wilcox). She likes the new man, not knowing its a reincarnated Joseph Langdon. She does everything she can to have incredibly erotic sex with him. Satan doesn't want his subject to enjoy himself too much, so he changes him into a werewolf whenever sexual urges overcome him. 

Not wanting to kill Julia, he has fallen in love with her, Philip jumps out the window or flees whenever Julia walks into his room clad in slinky lingerie. His killing sprees are vicious. He tears Filipinos apart and eats them. The cops are looking for the maniac. An old cop (Eddie Garcia) recognizes Philip as a former mass murderer, Joseph. Langdon lived in the 40s, so the cop dismisses the coincidence, sort of. After more vicious killings and some very erotic scenes of a wanting Julia, a chance at salvation enters the picture. During a killing spree, the creature/Philip takes refuge in a warehouse of someone who just may hold the key to breaking Philip/Joseph's eternal sentence to Satan.

Will Julia find someone she can have passionate sex with beside her werewolf/husband? Is it possible to regain your soul for goodness after you have sold it to Satan? This is a gratuitous film in its violence and Julia's sexuality. Nudity and gore will abound, and many Filipinos will be shredded. For some neat Asian horror, see "The Beast of the Yellow Night."

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