Wednesday, May 18, 2022

And Then YOU Die!, Our Future is Here

1993's "Falling Down" is an over-rated piece of garbage. The bore-a-thon was billed as a common man's anthem that turned on its intended audience. The A-List cast mailed in their performances and a great idea became mindless drivel. The film was promised to be a classic, yet by one was talking about this Michael Douglas film. Hence, 2013's "And Then YOU Die!" On the surface, a similar plot than the aforementioned film, but perhaps a different message. With no A-List, pampered actors, and a micro-budget, this film will not receive any praise.

Sam (Chuck Smith), a dumpy loser, is having a bad day. The used car salesman sleeps late, runs out of gas, is fired, and humiliated by people in his life who he seeks help from. Left on the side of the road, a bunch of 20-something campers mock him. The cops show up and treat him like a criminal. The tow-truck driver is incredibly rude and taunting, and his boss is hardly understanding. Worse yet, he tries to call his wife Tessa (Ellie Church) and his best friend Brad (Christopher Hunt). Neither answer as they are having passionate sex, together. He gets home, catches his wife and friend in the act, tries to kill them, but Brad gets the best of him and conks him out. Brad believes he has killed Sam. Not so.

Now Brad and Tessa dump his corpse in the woods...then Sam wakes. Now a homicidal mad man, he will begin a trek to find all the folks who humiliated and disrespected him earlier in the day. He'll find a machete, woodchipper, handyman tools, tire irons, gas grills, etc. The killing spree will be bloody and at times heartbreaking. No one will be spared his wrath, including a young pregnant woman.  As the blood splatters, and body parts fly, Sam is slowly working his way back to his home where Brad and Tessa are unsuspecting that he is still breathing. Sam indeed intends to save the best for last.

Bloody, and more vicious than the Michael Douglas film, Sam's tirade is seen as justified and maybe a lot of us may be cheering for him. Will Sam get back some of his humanity before arriving home where his best friend and wife are? Is anyone in this film innocent? If this film had an A-List cast and CGI, would we be yapping about it as a neo-classic? Some will find this film without any merit or semblance of taste. Interestingly, those same folks extoll the idiotic DC and Marvel pieces of trash. Not for everyone, but if you are in the mood...see "And Then YOU Die!"  This film is directed by Daniel Murphy and Brian Gaillard.

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