Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Shiver, Danielle Harris vs Pervert Serial Killer

There is something about Danielle Harris.  The sweet and nubile final girl just draws us in and seduces us.  So when a brutish pervert wants to cut her head off and soil her corpse...well, perhaps we take it personally.  The scream queen icon always pleases and in today's feature we pull for her to survive, even though all the other babes in this film will lose their pretty heads.  Today we look at 2012's "Shiver," directed by Julian Richards.

So sad...Franklin Rood (John Jarratt) is a serial killer who has it in for sultry dames.  By the time he gets to Wendy's (Harris) neighborhood he has already abducted, humiliated, mutilated, murdered, and raped the corpses of several babes.  After he does this to a beautiful stewardess (Lisa Foiles) he turns his attention to Wendy.  The cops (Casper Van Dien and Rae Dawn Chong) are useless and incompetent.  We will not mention them further.  Now Rood makes his move for our favorite scream queen.  Uh oh for Rood...Wendy is different.  He sees her as pure and the real deal and hesitates just a moment before decapitating her.  This is, of course, Danielle Harris, and she takes advantage of the hesitation, stabs the monster, and flees.

Now the hunt is on.  Rood wants her back.  He'll murder her boyfriend and a lot of cops on the way to her.  Ultimately, the pervert will catch up to her.  Even worse for Wendy...he wants her to be his wife and lover.  You will see the most awkward rape scene in film history as Wendy is tied to a bed in an abandoned barn.  Now Wendy must really put on her seduction and survival instincts to survive and escape again.  Oh yeah...Wendy has companions in her twisted prison...the heads of Rood's beautiful victims are on display in jars.  This Rood guy has staying power and law enforcement and the justice system will all fail in their bid to end his wrath.

Will Rood succeed and torture Wendy into being his bride/love slave?  Will Wendy further turn the tables on this fiend and inflict her own wrath on him?  The beautiful will die so horribly in this one and we plead with the screen that Wendy will not also fall.  For a gory, brutal, and prurient good time, see "Shiver."

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