Thursday, May 26, 2022

Ring Around the Rosie, Gina Philips and Tom Sizemore Frolic

Okay...sure...a flawed thriller.  Still, Gina Philips is a babe and Tom Sizemore is...well, awkward!  Whatever flaw this movie has, we still get to see Gina Philips as a nubile babe in much distress.  The modern day scream queen that Ms. Philips is, she absolutely will not let any of us down.  This brings us to 2006's "Ring Around the Rosie," directed by Rubi Zack.

Karen (Philips) is a successful publisher in the big city.  Her grandmother dies and leaves Karen the summer home.  Karen spent all her summers there and loved it, we think, up to the age of 13.  Her task is to go claim the house and get it ready for sale.  She and her boyfriend Jeff (Randall Batinkoff) will drive there together.  They'll have lots of pre-marital sex and we'll see Karen in some nice lingerie.  Usually the intimacy is interrupted by ghostly visions that sees Karen pulling away from Jeff.  After a few nights of some nice intimacy, Jeff must return to the big city...useless!!!  Uh oh...Karen meets Pierce (Sizemore), the estate's caretaker.  He tends the horses and looks creepy.  Something draws Karen to the weird Pierce and he seems like he wants to screw Karen's brains out.

Every night Karen wakes in cold sweat after nightmares and ghostly memories.  Something happened in a closet down the hall and that seems key to what causes Karen angst.  Good news!  Karen's hot sister Wendy (Jenny Mollen) shows up to help.  Wendy thinks Pierce is sort of cute and leads him on.  Now Pierce gets more aggressive and drools more.  As Wendy and Karen catch up on old times, Pierce gets more aroused by the two nubile babes.  Now the nightmares/visions increase and we begin to see what is going on here.  As Pierce's libido explodes, the two sisters will find themselves trapped in this wilderness house by a maniacal pervert.

What is really going on here between Karen and Pierce?  Will Karen and Wendy engage in an erotic and sweaty catfight?  Are the secrets of what happened in the closet down the wall related to Pierce's creepiness?  An experienced horror fan will see what is going on here, but Gina Philips and Tom Sizemore shine in the allure and creepy departments.  Oh yes, Wendy is a real dish and you guys will love her.  See "Ring Around the Rosie" for some weird psychological thrills and creepy allure. 

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  1. That she looks good in a bikini is reason enough to watch this one, agreed, so many perverts around... hah