Monday, May 30, 2022

So Sweet... So Perverse, French Giallo

Beautiful Euro-Babes behaving badly.  Murder will ensue and not all the sultry Euro-Babes will survive. Not all will be guiltless, either.  There will be so much nudity, pre-marital sex, extra-marital sex, and some lesbian love...Euro-Trash at its best.  Murder too! Who murders who and who falls is a big question that won't be answered until the end credits.  Today we look at "So Sweet... So Perverse," directed by Umberto Lenzi.

Wealthy Euro-Hunk Jean (Jean-Louis Trintignant) is in an unloving marriage to the ravishing Danielle (Erika Blanc). As the movie begins he is having extra-marital sex with Euro-babe Helene (Helga Line). Danielle knows and she hates him.  Then Jean spies Nicole (Carroll Baker) move into the flat upstairs from he and Danielle. From below he hears her beat up and tortured by her boyfriend Klaus (Horst Frank). He rushes up to save her and chases the fiend away. Now a torrid love affair begins between Jean and Nicole...which Danielle hears much of the hanky-panky in the downstairs flat. Uh oh...Nicole has a confession to make, and it is quite a game changer.

Nothing Nicole can tell Jean will disperse his infatuation with her.  Plots are revealed and murder seems imminent. Jean presses the issue and invites Nicole to a party in his flat so she can meet Danielle.  The party is an erotic one with sex games and naughtiness. Danielle is humiliated and cries as Jean tells her he wants a divorce. Double uh-oh...Klaus isn't going away and may desire to murder Jean.  Who else would want to murder Jean? Sex, of every kind  (okay, not EVERY kind) follow and nudity and violence will fill up much of the film. Then murder...but who and by who? The dreaded twist will again change the complexion of this Giallo film.

Just who loves who and who gets all nude and sweaty with who in this Euro-Trash production? Could the beautiful blonde Nicole be up to something more than stealing Danielle's husband?  Who is Klaus and what is he capable of?  I won't even ask who gets murdered as Umberto Lenzi has some fun with this story.  For a deviant Euro-Trash film with naked Euro-Babes and deviant sex (pre-marital and extra-marital) see "So Sweet... So Perverse."

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