Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Freeway, Demented Priest vs Babe Nurse

Bring back those nurses who wore trim white uniforms and smiles.  They were fodder for many a salacious soap opera or exploitation film.  Today we have chunky, grouchy ones who yell a lot about being under appreciated, and wear green pajama like scrubs as they do TikTok videos.  1980s beauty, the late Darlanne Fluegel gives a ravishing performance in today's feature as a babe nurse in white in much peril.  Now we look at 1988's "Freeway," directed by Francis Delia.

Father Heller (Billy Drago) is upset at all the fornicators and sinners in L.A.  He takes a gun and goes cruising the freeways blowing away other motorists.  As the film begins he blows away nightclub beauty, Laura (Laurie Foshay).  He spouts phrases from Revelation as he does these killings.  Oh yeah, he spouts them on a live call-in radio show hosted by Richard Belzer.  The cops have no clues to his identity, but pretty nurse Sunny (Fluegel) gets very interested when Laura dies in front of her in the ER.  Now she is on a mission to find this creep.  Did I mention her husband was also killed by this monsignor wannabe? Her detective work riles the real detective, Boyle (Michael Callan).  It also draws the attention of Frank (James Russo), weirdo with a backstory.

Still in mourning for the loss of her husband, Sunny gives us some gratuitous nudity, sensual baths, and dives into bed with aforementioned weirdo even before finding out his name.  The two hesitantly fall in love and join forces to find the psycho priest.  After some TV appearances and as a vigilante attitude takes hold, Heller begins targeting our sultry nurse.  Frank saves her life a few times, the two have more sex, and then find themselves interviewing other creepy priests regarding Heller.  Bad news...Heller believes the apocalypse is near and revs up his murders.

Was Heller a prescient omen for the effects of Vatican 2?  Could a sincere visit to the confessional in which her pre-marital sex escapades were confessed have saved Sunny from the wrath of Father Heller?  Is Heller right about the L.A. freeways being the location of the apocalypse?  Vicious and erotic, this is a neat film.  Billy Drago gives a nice and creepy performance as a psycho cleric and Ms. Fluegel portrays one of the most alluring nurses in film history.  For a bloody and alluring good time, see "Freeway."     

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