Monday, May 16, 2022

Lake Fear, A Bloody Horror Musical

Musical?  Okay, maybe not...but at times it feels like one.  Our feature today is a bloody horror film in the style of "The Evil Dead," complete with a deserted cabin in the woods and four nubile babes who will be under much distress.  The nubile babes, which carry this film, were cast because of their proclivity to give the camera some nice T&A shots while clad in tight tops and short shorts.  Is this what we want to carry our horror films?  Yep.  Let us examine 2014's "Lake Fear," directed by Michael Crum.

We are introduced to our babes early on.  First Tina (Jessica Willis).  She won a weekend at the aforementioned cabin in the woods...on some internet contest.  She has a Mustang and picks up Kathy (Taylor LeeAnn Graham), the maybe clean cut (okay, not so clean cut) Jordan (Shannon Snedden) and and the weird (wears cat ears) Stephanie (Jori Gill).  Deep into the woods they go and reach the cabin.  The horror begins right slow burn here.  Demons emerge...let's see...there is a pig demon, a reptile demon, and an eyeless demon...and many more.  The gals are horrified and jump around as the camera catches many shots of their posteriors and chests as they do. 

Soon the demons begin claiming the nubiles.  One by one, the pretty fall to beings from Hell and become possessed vessels of theirs.  Now covered with blood and still running, the gals still look appealing...and also seemed quite doomed.  Gory injuries, one in particular with a circular saw, beset them.  The beauties turn from nubile babes jiggling around to hunted damsels soaked in blood.  The demons seem to smell blood and now the gals are also running from each other, as they become possessed one by one...a lot like in "The Evil Dead."  This won't end well for the quartet...but as far as tormented beings...they are not alone in this cabin.

Will any of our nubile protagonists survive the demons, circular saws, or each other and make it to the end credits?  Will we see blood-soaked catfights between the possessed and not-yet-possessed?  Just who else is being tormented in this cabin?  Gratuitous and weird, "Lake Fear" is a high-energy jaunt into possession and prurient voyeurism. 

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