Saturday, May 28, 2022

Reality Check, Babes and Hunks Shredded, Really!

I guess it has been about 25 years since the plethora of reality shows has hit television.  Are we better for this?  Nah!  However, this trend has given way to some nice horror films.  Today's film, 2002's "Reality Check," directed by Rafal Zielinski (no, not the Ukranian idiot), boasts a great looking cast.  The women are babes, the guys are hunks, and we'll love seeing them get murdered...kind of like the casts of real reality shows. 

The premise of this reality show.  Not sure, exactly.  Seven contestants are brought to an out of the way mansion where a massacre took place a few years before.  To do what?  Survive, I guess.  Even before anyone is voted off...the murders begin.  First, we are introduced to some wonderful characters.  Mei-Ling (Kym Hoy) is adept at the Karma in weird positions.  Charlotte (Bourtney Peldon) is either a virgin or a, excuse me, exotic dancer.  Gar (Nate Dushku) is a weird Goth. Swope (Khalil Kane) is a hunk determined to have lots of pre-marital sex.  Isabel (Vanessa Cambpell) is a sultry blonde psychotic.  Serendipity (Natalie Cigliuti) is a ravishing realist who will stop at nothing to win.  Oh yes!  Crash (Timothy Lee DePriest) is a lunatic rapper.  When they begin is such a beautiful thing.

There will be a lot of kills in mysterious fashion.  Of course, the cell phones will not work in this mansion.  Creepy caretaker (Morgan Langley) loves spying on the dames as they undress.  Brock (Sticky Fingaz), the director/producer, films it all.  Then the camera gals are brutally murdered by a caped figure.  Then one by one...the cast gets it.  Stun guns and syringes are used by the maniac...but why?  Yes, Mei-Ling will do the Karma Sutra with another guest and lip lock with one of the other female characters.  The beautiful and handsome will die so horribly.  Everyone is a suspect.  Pick your favorite...mine was Kym Hoy as Mei-Ling...clad in leather pants and willing to do pre-marital sex with everyone.  What do you think her chances of survival are?

Who is killing off the deviant cross-culture sample of American society?  Is it a bad thing that we cheer on these brutal murders?  Who, or will, there be a final girl or hunk?  Erotic, steamy, vicious, and very deviant...see "Reality Check" and find out why your faith in the American experiment has waned over the last 25 years.    

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