Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Transformations, Space Plague

If you are old enough you may have caught this one on late night Cinemax. The straight to video feel of this horror/science fiction epic has all the great elements we love on this blog. Slimy and toothy monsters, space-babes, the hunks that try to save them, and an irrelevant and grouchy Catholic priest with too much time on his hands (Patrick Macnee). Today we take a look at 1988's "Transformations," which can boast of gore and succubus/incubus carnage. Funny...when we throw a succubus or incubus in any plot, we have a winner.

The plot is classic. The lone crewmember, Wolf (Rex Smith), on a supply ship decides to go to sleep. As soon as he does the ship is invaded by an evil force. A slimy and toothy monster is now aboard. The fiend changes into a succubus (Pamela Prati). The succubus then has some passionate pre-marital sex with Wolf. The ship then malfunctions and crashes into a mining/prison planet. Now the succubus has infected Wolf and he starts turning monster any time his libido is aroused. He is in the infirmary and the closest thing they have to a medic is the sultry Miranda (Lisa Langlois). She's a doll and every time Wolf sees her he begins changing. Oh yeah, the prisoners are planning a revolt. Now Wolf is bored as Miranda has other duties. He explores, finds the saloon, engages in deviant sex with prostitutes, changes into a monster...and kills the prostitutes.

Father Christopher (Macnee) knows what is going on, but he is dull and irrelevant so no one pays any attention to him. Miranda emerges as a virgin and loves Wolf. Wolf's metamorphosis seems to be quickening. Now the prisoners make their move and abduct Wolf and Miranda. They need a pilot to steer the spaceship they stole. The prisoners want to rape Miranda and the female prisoner, Antonia (Cec Verrell) wants to do the same to Wolf. Not knowing Wolf is a monster in the making, the prisoners, even though they have all the guns, may be at a disadvantage. 

Will the love of the virgin Miranda be enough to help Wolf shed this monster curse? Will Wolf or his inner monster try to rescue Miranda from being soiled by the inmates? If he survives, will Wolf lust more after the succubus or Miranda? Miranda is a doll and a forgiving sort...which is important if your boyfriend is a homicidal alien creature who loves prostitutes. This is a terrific space horror/science fiction story with a lot of bloody sex (all pre-marital) and some nice gore. Directed by Jay Kamen, "Transformations" is a terrific 80s horror film that most haven't seen.  

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  1. Wonderful, now i know why you love writing about space babes!!