Thursday, December 10, 2020

Dream No Evil, Nubile Insaniac

A homicidal psychosis can be the perfect cure for reality. Today we have a strange one in which a sultry babe may have a real problem with the line that separates reality from fantasy. Actually, it is not her with the problem. This is a weird one that may take some plot twists from 1970s Giallo. 1970's "Dream No Evil" is our feature today, directed by John Hayes.

As a little girl, Grace (Brooke Mills) is adopted from an orphanage. She was always certain her real dad, Timothy (Edmond O'Brien) was going to come and rescue her from the orphanage. Instead, she ends up raised by a fraudster, a faith-healing travelling preacher. Jesse (Michael Pataki) preaches the gospel, heals the sick, and dresses Grace up in a skimpy circus outfit to assist in the "miracles." Even as a stunning young women, Grace seeks her real father. Enter her fiancé, Dr. Patrick Bundy (Paul Prokop). He's Jesse's brother. He also has some level of affection for a striking nurse in white, Shirley (Donna Anders). Patrick wants pre-marital sex with Grace, who wants to stay a virgin until their wedding night. Shirley, on the other hand, is all for pre-marital sex.

Now this whole story gets a bloody sort of way. Looking for her dad, Grace meets a weird undertaker, who also supplies geriatric whores to geriatric Johns. He takes her to the embalming room where Grace's dad is on a slab. She resurrects him and he murders the undertaker. Next, Grace and her dad go off to a horse farm. She'll bring the Reverend Jesse to meet her dad. As Grace seduces the man who raised her in the barn, the dad butchers him. Meanwhile, Patrick and Shirley start going crazy with pre-marital sex, and Grace knows. More peeps who venture to the horse farm end up butchered. Now Grace and her dad have plans for Patrick and the nubile nurse in white, Shirley. 

Is Grace's resurrected father real, or a product of a psychosis? Will the nubile and frisky nurse in white, Shirley, be butchered by either Grace or her dad? What is in store for the sex-starved Patrick and does it include blunt or bladed implements? This is a weird one and the rapid disintegration of Grace's sanity is horrifying to watch. For some twisted and somewhat taboo drive-in horror from 1970, see "Dream No Evil."

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