Saturday, December 12, 2020

Star Quest, Emma Samms as a Space-Babe

Here's a game for you to play during the holiday season. The next time you are waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles...or a doctor's waiting room...or at an airport...imagine a nuclear holocaust has occurred. Everyone outside your setting has been incinerated. The only survivors are the peeps inside with you. The clock have 15 seconds to decide. Choose one other person in that waiting area as the person you will procreate with. The human species must go on and you will have to make a selection fast as all the good ones from the opposite sex will go quickly. Perhaps you will emerge a winner. You guys might get an Emma Samms look-a-like. You gals might get a Steven Bauer look-a-like. Or you may will end up with a Wilford Brimley or Bea Arthur. This brings us to 1994's "Star Quest" (aka "Terminal Voyage") directed by Rick Jacobson.

Six crewmembers wake up from suspended animation aboard a spaceship. Unfortunately the captain died in his sleep chamber. They were asleep 100 years. Three babes and three hunks remain. Hollis (Gregory Mckinney) is the new captain...he'll seemingly commit suicide when he figures out that sometime over the past 100 years Earth blew itself up. The ship is headed to a distant planet. The new captain, Jammad (Allan Rachins) will get removed from his authority by cold fish Becker (Emma Samms) just before he dies mysteriously. No one likes Becker...she's a babe but never smiles. Reese (Steven Bauer) and Granier (Cliff De Young) announce that the the three babes and three hunks need to procreate to further the human race. The three babes are put off by the lack of foreplay.

With no copulation occurring yet, the crew gets grouchy. Mysterious deaths continue. Han (Ming Na- Wen) is the babe doctor and junkie. She determines all the deaths were accidental. Becker continues being mean by asking everyone to write progress reports...bitch! Zinovitz (Brenda Bakke) knows the deaths were murder and believes Becker is the culprit. I bet it's that progress report order. She tries to convince Reese of this. Now Becker may have a mutiny on her hands  As Han continues to shoot up, Becker continues asking for progress reports, and the guys still aren't getting any pre-marital sex, the unhappy spaceship inches closer to a mysterious planet.

Could Becker have headed off a mutiny if she just ordered everyone to engage in pre-marital sex? Is Zinovitz' dislike for Becker a realization that she just doesn't measure up to Emma Samms? Will Reese be more apt to choose Becker or Zinovitz as a sex partner...and will either lady have a say in the matter? This is a good one with a great looking cast. For some space intrigue that poses pertinent questions about the coming apocalypse, see "Star Quest."


  1. Personally if I were in that situation, I may not be as choosy, whether it be Emma or Bea! Lol!

  2. 15 minutes, she can do a happy ending and inseminate herself... she might just beat the apocalypse!!