Monday, December 28, 2020

Haunting at Foster Cabin, Sorority Girls Shredded

Five babe sorority girls! When they start dying...more show up, just like the Swedish Bikini Team. Gratuitous nudity in a hot tub. Gratuitous shower scene. Lesbian eroticism. Decapitations, disembowelment, and impalement. Yep, what some consider a feminist anthem, 2014's "Haunting at Foster Creek" (aka "Demon Legacy"), directed by Rand Vossler. Nothing has an audience screaming "Kill 'em all!" like a group of sorority sisters...who knows why? Throw in some demons and a lot of possession and we have a near masterpiece.

Michelle (Anna Marie Demara) is clairvoyant...she got the gift from her grandmother. She has visions of her coming weekend with her sorority sisters. The vision is of all them dying horribly and coming back as demons. Good call, on her part. The other babe sorority sisters meet her at a cabin in the woods. Jack (Kate Siegel) a lesbian, Kelly (Julie Strange), Sharon (Kati Sharp) a pseudo-Goth, and Dana (Michelle Nunes). They frolic, play "Truth or Dare," drink alcohol, kiss, shower, and find a Ouija Board. Yep...they invoke bad spirits and a couple of the babes are possessed. This is unfortunate because John Savage ("The Deer Hunter") will have to decapitate them later...but let us not go there. Now Kelly is ripped apart by lesbian-babe-demon Jack. Now the demons hunt Michelle and Sharon.

Out of nowhere, Veronica (Angelina Lyubomirova) and her hunk BF Wesley (Matthew Currie Holmes) show up. They like pre-marital sex but will both die horribly. Now Michelle's two-timing BF Randy (Grant Alan Ouzts) arrives. He looks really good but, like all men, is quite worthless to Michelle's plight. Michelle communicates with her dead grandmother for a solution to her demon problem. Then John Savage shows up with some nice blades...a true demon hunter. Heads will go flying and hearts will be ripped out. Michelle must figure out who she can trust before she is able to defeat the demons that seek her soul.

Are demon infested babes an accurate metaphor for sorority sisters? Is a sword wielding demon hunter the role John Savage had always hoped for after he did "The Deer Hunter"? With all the gratuitous nudity, shower and hot tub scenes, and pre-marital sex, was a Ouija Board really needed to conjure up evil? Gratuitous and gory, "Haunting at Foster Cabin" is the perfect film for all of you who have been manipulated and spit out by a sorority babe. Enjoy the show and consider this the long awaited sequel to "The Deer Hunter."

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  1. Oh me oh my my, love the good girls - jack Daniels swigging, Coke snorting, finger licking party gals 🤡