Friday, December 11, 2020

Nights Too Bright, A Ghost Tale?

Those nights can be least in a figurative sense. Shadows and deceiving streetlights can enhance...or play havoc...with the imagination. Of course the imagination has to be induced to explore the nether reaches of one's own mind. Add in a sultry babe...or a psycho babe...or someone with an essence that seems to attract the otherworldly...and we have the ingredients of a spooky tale. As long as she is sultry, we tend to forgive all the rest. Gloria Iseli has directed a nine-minute short film (written by Guy Jackson), "Nights Too Bright." This has horror, mystery, and film noir elements that will leave you startled. This film can be seen on YouTube by clicking this link NIGHTS TOO BRIGHT .

He's (Sean Bolger) there. Watching? Waiting? Plotting? Either way, he's menacing. He knows. Knows what? Perhaps who she is and what she is up to. She (Ashley Park)? Kendra, a sultry babe. Femme Fatale, perhaps? Young doll with grandma issues? A portal to another realm? Hey, she's who cares? Lenny (Garth Koorzen) doesn't. Not yet. Lenny? A guy...who is dating beyond his pay-grade. His new gal has issues but so far, so good. They go for a late night stroll not paying any attention to our menacing being who just might decide to follow them.

She isn't bringing up ex-boyfriends so Lenny is content with the conversation. Her choice of conversation is ghosts. That could be interesting. Lenny isn't a believer in those specters but Kendra is. She has seen them. She'll tell him about some encounters after he asks. The conversation will seduce him into a fear that didn't exist a few minutes earlier. We can identify with Lenny's drooling countenance as he is all into Kendra. Kendra comes off the silver screen as either a seductress or a temptress...but tempting or seducing to what? Oh...remember the ominous man? Well, you'll see...maybe more than you are comfortable with.

Gloria Iseli has created so much in nine minutes, The film-noir aspect of this film is no surprise as Guy Jackson's "Los Angeles Overnight" is one of the best Neo-Noir films to date. Ms. Iseli's manipulation of the shadows, streetlights, and an ever evocative Kendra carry us along with Lenny into a journey that might be quite ominous. One may see this as a different kind of ghost story, but Ms. Iseli delivers a whole bunch more as she allows your own imagination to fill in some blanks. See "Nights Too Bright" and see where your mind takes you.  

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