Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The Good Sisters, Witchcraft and Paranoia

Just because you're paranoid they may still be out to get you. Okay, picture a Roman Polanski essay/film on paranoia and add a generous tablespoon of glitter...and we have 2009's "The Good Sisters" (directed by Jimmyo Burril). The glitter? This blog's favorite actress, Debbie Rochon and her co-star, the lovely April Monique Burril. However lovely these two actresses are, they will deliver the horror and gore to a bevy of weird neighbors...who might have it coming. You know the old maxim, "deliver the gore unto them before they deliver it unto you."  

Breanne and Kindra are sisters and witches. They do rituals with Ouija boards, cast spells, do things with herbs, pay attention to menstrual cycles, and are keen with herbs. Uh oh! A new neighbor, Daniel (David R. Calhoun) has moved in to the boarding house they reside. He occupies the first floor and his suspicious living habits has our sultry duo nervous. They are on the run. From who? You'll find out. Being cautious has kept them alive in a world that has never been warm and fuzzy to women who proclaim loyalty to Lilith. No matter...weird happenings stroke their cautiousness to the point of it becoming paranoia. Now they suspect everyone in their boarding house of being "after them." But are they?

Daniel does appear to be keeping tabs on them...but they are two babes and Daniel does have sexual fantasies. When all the other residents in the boarding house also appear to be spying or snooping, the sister duo decide to go on the offense. From past experience, and the history of their ancestors, Breanne and Kindra realize being on the offense can prolong their lifespan. Erotic rituals filled with nudity, chanting, blood, and yes...a sacrifice...will set our witches up for a strategic advantage. Casualties that are heartbreaking and gory will occur and we wonder if our protagonists are in fact the antagonists. The blood will flow and a horrific ending will cap this psychological thriller that will be steeped in allure and gore.

Do Breanne and Kindra have good reason to be suspicious of their neighbors...or is psychotic paranoia guiding them? Just who are these weirdos in the boarding house and what are they up to? Are we more likely to be accepting of dames that call themselves witches if more of them looked like Debbie Rochon and April Monique Burril? This one will have you guessing and the ending will take you by surprise. For some nice allure, gore, and mystery, see "The Good Sisters."