Monday, December 14, 2020

Fatal Conflict, Space-Babe Saves the World

Kari Wuhrer is one of the most alluring space-babes ever put on film. We all winced at her horrific fate as the Syfy show "Sliders" abruptly ended. As the show ended, the beauty was cast in the lead role in today's film, 2000's "Fatal Conflict" (directed by Lloyd A. Simandl). Her performance is gratuitous in every way, and she will spend much of the film in a wet t-shirt. Still, this Czechsploitation film will have a lot of gratuitous babes in scantily clad get ups as they are groped and abused.

Yep...the proverbial prison mining colony where inmates are scantily clad babes sentenced to hard labor. Sasha (Wuhrer) escapes from her work crew and foils a gem smuggling operation run by brother sister tandem, Conrad (Leo Rossi) and Carla (Jennifer Rubin). Oh yeah, Carla and Conrad are not only siblings, they are lovers. The duo escapes and Sasha is tasked again. Max (David Fisher) is some mysteriously important guy who can promise the disgraced Sasha her pilot license back. She accepts a suicide mission. Our sibling team hijacks a space freighter and is bent on crashing it into Los Angeles. The plan is far fetched. Sasha will sneak aboard the freighter and divert the freighter to the desert. She is able to sneak aboard. Sasha finds the beset captain, Dan (Miles O'Keefe) is captured by our amorous siblings and made to steer the freighter toward the target.

Sasha, with Dan's help eliminates much of Conrad and Carla's goons. In the process she'll plant a device underwater and spend much of the remaining part of the film in a wet t-shirt. As more goons and thugs try to capture Sasha, she kills them. Now for Sasha's plan to capture the is far-fetched and surprising. It will involve seduction, being groped, and attracting Conrad away from his sister. Conrad might have hormones that will set him up for Sasha's seduction moves, but Carla isn't fooled. Now Carla has Dan, who she is trying to seduce. Dan is agape, but desiring pre-marital sex from Sasha. As the freighter nears L.A., we wonder if that god-forsaken city is worth saving. Still, Kari Wuhrer is on board, so ultimately, we want her to live.

Are Sasha and Carla on a course for a gratuitous cat-fight? Will Dan get the pre-marital sex he has coming to him, with Sasha or Carla?  Would wet- t-shirts and chicks with Kari Wuhrer's figure have made the whole "Star Wars" nonsense worth seeing? This is a fine film from Czechoslavakia with a lot of sweaty babes in skimpy clothing doing hard labor. For some gratuitous fun and a magnum opus performance by Kari Wuhrer, see "Fatal Conflict."

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