Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Bullets of Justice, World War 3 and Pigs

What if pigs ruled the world? Okay...I know...they already do. I mean literally. What if all men were pigs? Stop it! I know...they are! I mean literally. Whatever social or political commentary can be derived from our feature today, let it not take away its luster as a fun grindhouse/exploitation tale. We will talk about 2019's "Bullets of Justice," directed by Valeri Milev, today. Filmed in Bulgaria, revolting at times, offensive always, and just such a pleasure to watch, this film will deliver big time on the gore and nudity.

World War 3 has come to an unceremonious end. We (humans) lost. At the end of the war, Russia and the U.S. tried to genetically alter pigs to use as a weapon. The experiments got out of control and the pig-people rose up. A biological attack to kill all the pig-people backfired and now humans can not propagate. The only being who can is a Pig-mother who lives on a farm in New York City where humans are harvested for food. Enter Rob Justice (Timur Turisbekov). As the film opens he and his sultry assistant Nina (Yana Marinova) are battling a flying pig with a midget tail-gunner strapped to his back. You are just gonna have to see this for yourself. Nina will be killed soon after after engaging in steamy pre-maritalsex with Rob. Rob is a warrior in the resistance. 

As all looks bleak for humans, the survivors decide to go on the offensive. Enter Rob's sister, and deviant lover, Raksha (Doroteya Toleva). She's a babe...even though she has a moustache. The two will be sent to infiltrate the human farm, find the mother pig, and kill her. Uh oh...betrayal and deviant sex awaits...not all heterosexual. A vision from a dream signals to Rob that a male model from one of his fantasies is real and seeking to destroy him. With temptations from his heterosexual and homosexual ids, Rob partakes on his mission with a tortured soul. He and Raksha are capable, but traitors and a pig nation in control may be too much to overcome.

I know, a classic Herman Melville plot...still, this comes at us as a unique story in the age of tired superhero films. Gritty, deviant, and disgusting, this movie will please many fans of this blog. The ending will be cerebral, carnal, or 'out-there,' depending on how you choose to interpret it. For a spaghetti western type tale set in an apocalyptic wasteland, see "Bullets of Justice." Oh! One more thing...I didn't mention it but Danny Trejo is in this, too. 


  1. Danny is gunna gun those swines down. Wonderful review.

  2. I grew up on a farm and pigs always got a bad rap. They are actually some of the cleanest animals I have taken care of!