Sunday, September 15, 2019

Hunting Grounds, Family Feuds...Bigfoots vs. Humans

Bigfoot? A sympathetic creature? Or perhaps a fiendish monster? Whichever way you answer that question probably reveals a lot about you. After watching 2015's "Hunting Grounds" (directed by John Portanova), that same question is pertinent. Uh oh...there are more questions posed in this film, like...exactly what are those Bigfoots up to? As no actresses appear in this film in any significant manner, no Roger Corman influence will be present.
Michael's  (Miles Joris-Peyrafitte) mom just died. Sad...he had plans and he loved his mom. College is not an option as his dad, Roger (Jason Vail), loses all their money and the duo must sell their house and move to a dilapidated cabin deep in the Washington woods...and you know who lives there? Michael and his dad have a tense relationship as there is no money for college and Roger may be hitting the bottle again. Uh oh...Bauman (Bill Obrest, Jr.) is a hunter who comes across a campsite in which Bigfoot has murdered everyone in it...and now Bauman is attacked by the creature. Okay, Will (D'Angelo Midili) arrives for a visit...he is the milquetoast brother-in-law. He's a good sort but has the survival ability of a drunken ant.
More visitors, Sergio (David Saucedo), Roger's BF arrives. He is obnoxious and we pray that he is disemboweled. As the four head out for a hunting/camping trip, it becomes apparent the hunters are now the hunted., Bigfoots appear, a family of them and they don't like humans. Eek! Roger is taken prisoner. As the now trio hightail it back to the cabin, Bauman escapes and also runs to the cabin. Carnage ensues, Bauman arrives, and beware, he was followed. Now the Bigfoots beset the surviving humans in the cabin and a few more surprises are sprung on us. The monsters seem to have the advantage, but you never know.
Will any of the humans, as obnoxious as they are, survive the Bigfoot onslaught? Just what do the Bigfoots need prisoners for? Is Roger destined to be a POW in the war between man and beast, or will he be on the beasts' menu? This is a good Bigfoot film and really hits us with the question of 'if humans invade the forests, are the monsters really the bad guys?' The acting is terrific and the Bigfoots are menacing...enjoy "Hunting Grounds." 


  1. Interesting read. Will watch out for it.

  2. I'm thinking a family of Big Foots, wondering if Ms Big Tits, also with long feet, fancies the boys, and if so, will there interspecies breeding, have any Nat Geo might get in on the action, doing a reality show, great review.