Monday, September 23, 2019

Dr. Moreau's House of Pain, Mad Scientist Film Noir Style

What is your spiritual animal? Yeah, right...a lion...or an eagle...or a bronco...that's what everyone says. Your friends are too polite to tell you, but they see in you a pig...or an aardvark...or a catfish. Wouldn't it be great if some mad scientist invented a formula that could bring the animal out in you? Today we have a Charles Band spectacular that asks the same question in a deviant and sadistic way. Hence 2004's "Dr. Moreau's House of Pain," which is shot just like a classic Film Noir film.
A washed up boxer, Eric (John Patrick Jordan) and his two dame assistants, reporterette Mary Anne (Debra Mayer) and GF Judith (Jessica Lancaster) are searching for Eric's missing brother. They stake-out a bar where Alliana (Lorielle New) is an exotic dancer. After closing the trio witnesses Alliana punch through the head of a schmuck and abscond with his body. They follow her to an abandoned asylum and make the mistake of sneaking onto the grounds. Once inside the asylum property a pig-man named Gallagher (Peter Donald Badalamenti II) and dog-man named Pee Wee (B.J. Smith) carry off Mary Anne and put the other two in a cage. Uh oh, Mary Anne is strung up in Dr. Moreau's (Jacob Witkin) lab and the mad scientist gives her to Pee Wee. The sultry Mary Anne then has her internal organs ripped out by the dog fiend.
Moreau is now the prisoner of his mutant creations and they seek to be human. Moreau needs human organs to accomplish this. Both Pee Wee and Gallagher now want to mate with Judith and will humiliate her and deceive her into cross-species pre-marital sex. Leopard-woman Alliana wants to mate with Eric...and does. As the soiled and sultry Judith remains a sex-toy for the pig fiend, Alliana stakes her claim on Eric. Uh oh...more fiends exist and they have other plans for the two surviving humans, and their internal organs will play a part in them. As Dr. Moreau follows the twisted orders of his creations, more grotesque plans are revealed.
This is a gory and deviant jaunt through cross-species experimentation and sex, so if that makes you uncomfortable go watch some Disney flick. Will the violated Judith escape without being impregnated by a mutant fiend? Will Eric find his brother? Will the creature rapists ever find humanity again (a question we could all ask about ourselves)? Charles Band isn't afraid to cross the line and Alliana isn't afraid to throw gratuitous nudity in our faces in this fine horror film, "Dr. Moreau's House of Pain."


  1. Imagine if Shrek played a cameo role, could be a good match for Pig-man, another out there movie and finely reviewed. Gets you thinking, that Netflix wouldn't be brave enough to air this kinda movie.

  2. Will you ever do a video format? Just curious. Awesome review. Wish Netflix was brave, lol.

  3. My God this movie sounds grotesque. I love it.