Thursday, September 5, 2019

Clash of the Dead, The Return of WWI

I've always been a big fan of Kacey Clarke (formerly Kacey Barnfield), though she has broken my heart too often. In "Resident Evil: Afterlife," playing a nubile and naive actress in L.A., she is torn to pieces by aquatic mutant zombies (perhaps a metaphor for the fates of us all who toil on this mortal coil) sad! She dies so often and in the most horrible ways! When I saw she was in 2015's "Clash of the Dead" (aka "World War Dead: Rise of the Fallen") I was hopeful she would survive. Alas, she has her face eaten off by World War I German sad!
A TV documentary crew arrives in Somme (France) to film a documentary about the very bloody World War 1 Battle of the Somme.  They bicker a lot and the talent is Emma (Wendy Glenn) and Brian (Robert Bladen). These two are eager to make a serious and somber program about the futile battle that had no winner. Amanda (Clarke) tries to keep them focused, but she'll eventually have her face eaten. Marcus (Ray Panthaki) seems to be the director and desires the duo to spice it up, even if it means embellishing history. Uh oh...Brian begins finding relics. Then by accident, Emma gets face to face with the remnants of a South African soldier wearing an amulet crafted from occultists that brings back the dead.
The dead come back during night filming. German troops arrive and surprise the filmmakers and immediately eat Amanda's face. Oh so was such a nice face. Another babe will get eaten and Brian, Emma, Daz (Ben Shafik), and Marcus are on the run. The hungry horde chase them into the trenches and into the supporting tunnels. Our quartet, which won't stay a quartet for long) are running for their lives and hiding, but the hungry keep finding them. Trench warfare has hit the 21st century and the documentary crew isn't faring well. Emma, the nubile host of the show and her colleagues come up with an idea, but it is a long-shot.  As the German zombies gain revenge for their loss almost 100 years ago, the survivors begin to enact a plan the Kaiser would have laughed at.
Will Emma be the third pretty face eaten by the zombie horde? Will the Battle of the Somme finally have a winner, 100 years after the last shots were fired? Isn't there a kick-a** heroine role for Kacey Clarke in which she is the one to inflict carnage? The acting is pretty good and the setting in trenches and tunnels adds to a very claustrophobic horrir film. For some good zombie fun, when good zombie fun has become hard to fine, enjoy "Clash of the Dead."

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  1. I need to get a hold of that amulette, imagine get an interview with Stalin or Rasputtin,or even Hitler. Another movie devoted to the faceless, no pun intended.