Friday, September 13, 2019

Glass Trap, Clairvoyance, Yoga, and Big Bugs

Siri Baruc stars in our feature today, 2005's "Glass Trap." Ms. Baruc grew up on a yoga commune in Boston and her mom was a clairvoyance instructor...okay, can those comments! I admit this is not the upbringing for someone we'd want to go have a beer with but she is a doll and she is in this film about giant radioactive angry ants...yes! She'll traipse through the entire film in six inch heels and look really good doing it... Oh yes, for you Syfy Channel fans, this epic is directed by Fred Olen Ray.
Plutonium contaminates some palm plants and six of them end up in L.A. The ants eat the plant and are now radioactive and huge. After eating a local nursery the ants end up in a skyscraper. Here we meet Jane (Stella Stevens) a very superficial editor of 'Hooray' magazine (think 'People') and her sultry aide, Sharon (Baruc). Unbeknownst to them, the ants begin eating peeps on the lower floors. Oh yes, Sharon and maintenance guy, Curtis (C. Thomas Howell), an ex-con, start making goo-goo eyes at each other.  Dept. of Agriculture babe...i mean agent...Elizabeth (Tracy Brooks Swope) arrives at the skyscraper with her team and calls in Agent Corrigan (Martin Kove).
Now the ants eat their way through irrelevant human all the way to Sharon, Jane, Curtis, and two supermodels and their photographer trapped on the roof. Curtis comes up with an ingenious idea to save themselves but an unforeseen problem spoilers here. Now Corrigan is determined to fill the skyscraper up with DDT even though live humans are trapped inside. Now our crew must not only battle the ants but make their way out of the ant infested building before Corrigan sets off his super bug bomb.
The pesky giant radioactive ants are menacing, if not kinda cute. Sharon in her heels is highly alluring and we cheer for the gruff Curtis, that he may get to have pre-marital sex with her...and survive, of course! What did Siri Baruc's clairvoyant mother tell her about this film when Siri was a little girl? Will Curtis get to have pre-marital sex with the daughter of a clairvoyant and will that clairvoyant have approved? Is this ants-invade-a-skyscraper tale a mere metaphor for the decay of our urban infrastructure? Hey...its a made for Syfy thing directed by Fred Olen enjoy "Glass Trap."

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