Saturday, February 1, 2020

Play. Pause. Kill., Text Mayhem

The 21st Century! Everything is pretty much instant. With a few clicks on your phone you can have all your Christmas shopping done. Even better, a dull evening at home on a Saturday night can be taken care of with a few texts, to other peeps who also text. The era of instant gratification, sadly, doesn't apply to everything. Or does it? Hence we look at David Teixeira's 14 minute horror short, "Play. Pause. Kill."
The beautiful Julie (Anasthasia Czajka) writes screenplays. At the moment her brain isn't communicating with her pen and the words aren't flowing. She is nubile, a bit insecure, and taking a brave step as she picks up her smart phone. What is this brave step? She begins texting Henry (Lucas Dutilleul). Her  willingness to let her guard down alarms us as she seems to allow Henry to intimidate her into inviting himself over. What does she know about Henry? Not much, but he promises to bring over wine and a horror film in order to turn her inspiration on again.
In need of inspiration to finish her screen play, Julie awaits her mysterious guest. He arrives, perhaps, a little too quickly for comfort. Now he's in. He's handsome in a forbidding way, almost taboo. He has no trouble taking control in someone else's home. Now Julie may seem to be in a bit of danger...but is it real danger, or more of the kinky nature? The wine is opened and the seduction and danger flow with that red wine. Uh oh...all is not what it seems and the horror that unfolds will have you squirming.
Just what are Henry's intentions? Does the nubile Julie have a prayer of regaining control of the moment in her own home? What inspiration will be provided, and to who, during this twisted evening? David Teixeira does a masterful job yanking us into a horrific whirlpool in which our sympathies and impressions are teased and manipulated. Also, you gals will will be so attracted to Mr. Dutilleul and his forbidden performance. You guys will swoon over the sweetness of Ms. Czajka. For an alluring and shocking short horror film, enjoy "Play. Pause. Kill."

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