Friday, February 28, 2020

Cybernetic Showdown, Mutants in Manitoba

Just when you were thinking we haven't had a good post-apocalyptic-mutant movie lately, Ian Russell brings us 2019's "Cybernetic Showdown." Yep...a mutant invasion set in the former dominions of Canada is put on film for all of us to enjoy. In a really low-budget film, we have a techno-thriller, meshed with a spaghetti western, meshed with a Roger Corman scifi effort. In a comic book type landscape, with dashes of Monty Python humor, we will see an epic story through the eyes of a larger than life detective reminiscent of a Dirty Harry...okay, a bargain basement Dirty Harry.
A great calamity has befallen mankind and all the major cities have been reduced to rubble.  Moscow is gone...New York is gone (that part has already happened)...London is gone...and even Moose Jaw ceases to exist. A walled city has sprung up as an oasis in the apocalyptic wasteland... New Winnipeg. This walled city is civilization's last hope and a short-handed police force is charged with killing mutants that seek to invade. Leading the law enforcement effort is Detective Jimmy (Tyhr Trubiak). He has a bionic arm, witty and biting one-liners, and a sad backstory.
As the mutants are organized and controlled by a demented holy man, The Friar (Tyler Glennon), Jimmy goes through mutants like crap through a goose. Jimmy is a haunted soul as his fiance was taken by the mutants and exposed to a fate worse than death. Uh oh...Jimmy is lured into the wasteland as The Friar sends his minions to conquer and kill everyone in New Winnipeg. Now Jimmy must play catch-up and unfortunately will find out some horrific realities about the true nature and purpose of the mutant invasion. Limbs will fly, heads will be decapitated, and blood will spurt as Jimmy's ire knows no bounds.
Just what is The Friar's ultimate plan for his mutants? If Jimmy does prevail, what will his new role be in New Winnipeg? Will the latest apocalypse cause the Winnipeg Jets to leave Canada one more time? This is a neat low-budget effort with some imaginative special f/x and animation thrown in. The comic book, or graphic novel, style of this film keeps it fun and ambitious. For some great apocalyptic wasteland fun, enjoy Ian Russell's "Cybernetic Showdown."


  1. Haven't seen it, but after reading I want to. Where can I find this?

  2. All it needed was Kianu Reeve, this has all the makings of a Mad Max film, great review sir.