Thursday, February 20, 2020

Witchcraft, The Return of the Hag

She's back! Like anyone who has one really wants them back. No one, unless you belong to some deviant Satanic want them back, but then again, you like drinking chicken blood. From 1964 we have "Witchcraft," a Hammer-like horror film starring Lon Chaney, Jr. In this haunted tale, the sins of us in the present just beg the return of a 300 year old witch. Directed by Don Sharp, "Witchcraft" is atmospheric, spending much of its time in a cavernous old mansion and an unending family tomb.
Okay, Bill Lanier (Jack Hedley) isn't a bad guy, but his partner, Myles (Barry Linehan) is. The two have the contract on developing their old English town by adding modern homes and strip malls. Alas, Myles orders the centuries old graveyard the name of progress. Bill has nothing to do with this decision but incurs Morgan Whitlock's (Cheney, Jr.) wrath. The Whitlock's have been buried in this cemetery for centuries and all the graves are disturbed. Uh oh, Vanessa Whitlock (Yvette Rees), a witch who was buried alive (by the Laniers') 300 years ago, crawls out of her grave. She's back!
Vanessa goes to work right away, leaving voodoo dolls on her victims. First Myles...she'll drown him in the bathtub. Then the Laniers' must pay...after all, the Laniers' of 300 years ago buried her alive. In fairness...she had it coming. Ah so cute, Bill's son Todd (Dabid Weston) and Morgan's daughter Amy (Diane Clare) are sweet on each other. These two don't understand a centuries old feud...but they will, soon. Uh oh, a sacrifice is needed by a Satanic cult, which is mandated by Vanessa, and Bill's very pretty wife Tracy (Jill Dixon) will do the trick. As Vanessa and Satanists set their sights on the pretty (but obviously not a virgin) Tracy, Bill will have to come up on speed on Vanessa and the Whitlock's thirst for revenge.
Will Bill be able to save Tracy from grouchy Satanists? Will Amy and Todd's love for each other temper an ages old hatred the Laniers' and Whitlocks' have for each other? Will the centuries old Vanessa stop killing Laniers' long enough to put on some make-up, buy some fashionable clothes, and perhaps start enjoying the 20th century? This film is a neat English horror film complete with creepy graveyards, family crypts, and ominous curses. For a neat Friday night date movie catch "Witchcraft."


  1. Wow, just the kinda Friday night movie we need, you have been warned developers, there's a witch in the midst who will make you regret bull dozing their home!