Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Savage Abduction, Exploitation and Violence Galore

Be warned! This is a brutal one in bad taste. If that could offend you...stop reading now. Nubile teen babes put upon by a biker gang and sex maniac. I told you...but no...you had to read on. In drive-in style we delve into a gritty exploitation thriller, 1973's "Savage Abduction" (aka "Cycle Psycho" and "The Bloody Abduction of Sarah Ridelander"). Two nubile teen-age gals will undergo unimaginable horror with barely a chance at survival.
As our film begins, Sarah (Marga-Jean) is brutally murdered in her bed by serial killer Harry (Joe Turkel). This fiend not only stabbed her to death, but he raped her corpse. Uh oh...Harry is not alone in this awful act. He was hired by Sarah's husband, Dick (Tom Drake). Dick is a rich lawyer who decided to off his wife, and Harry was an available hit-man. Dave gets away with it as the cops don't suspect him, so what could go wrong? Witnesses and accomplices never age well. Harry decides he wants two nubile gals so he can rape, torture, and dissect them. The psycho calls his old pal Dick. This is Harry's deal for Dick...get me two babes suitable for rape and dissection and the cops will never have to know you hired me to kill your wife.
Blackmailed, Dick just gets into it deeper. He hires a biker gang, The Savage Disciples, to abduct two babes. Chelsea (Steve Oliver) is hesitant to take the job, but he's a fiend too and acquiesces. Enter two babes, fresh in L.A. from Omaha...Faye (Kitty Vallacher) and Jenny (Tannis Gallik). These two, upon hitting L.A. don mini-skirts and go-go boots and decide to see some of the city. They are quickly abducted by The Savage Disciples. The two teens are held captive at the biker pad, either locked in a closet or tied up. They plead to be let go, but their captors have been promised a lot of money for them. Hearing two dames have been secured for him, Harry readies some rope, saws, and more surgical tools. As the girls are helpless to escape, Harry and Dick head over to collect the goods.
Do Jenny and Faye have any chance at escape? Just what does Harry have planned for his hacksaws and surgical tools? Okay...stupid question. Does Dick really believe that after this blackmail transaction that Harry will leave him alone? No humor or cute plot devices here...the gals are in for...well...you'll see. Certainly "Savage Abduction" isn't a film you will gloat about at your book club or Lions Club meeting, but admit it...something inside you is telling you to find it on YouTube.

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  1. Harry was denied a place in medical school, so he went out and bought surgical equipment and took things into his own hands!!