Thursday, February 6, 2020

UKM: The Ultimate Killing Machine, An Army of Mutants

Be all you can be! Or, be all you can be with the injection from a mad-scientist. A little bit of this top secret serum and you too can be the ultimate killing machine. Sure, you will go totally psycho...but just think of dead enemy troops littering a desert battlefield. Hence 2006's "UKM: The Ultimate Killing Machine." After all...isn't war madness? Okay, in "The Bridge on the River Kwai," war is madness...but in "Apocalypse Now," its horror. Combine these two great war films and we have a 3.1/10 rated on IMDB gem.
Four desperate enlistees don't bode well for America's readiness. Waylon (Mac Fyfe) is a petty criminal. Buddy (Stephen Arbuckle) is a welfare loser. Carrie (Erin Mackinnon) is a runaway. Zoe (Victoria Nestorowicz) is a crack addict. The U.S. Army isolates these winners immediately and sends them to a top secret research facility where they will be..."altered." Major Blevins (Michael Madsen) heads the project. Two mad scientists will commence the experiment, Dr. Stroheim (John Evans) and the sultry Lena (Deanna Dezmari). The scientists will inject the four schmucks and turn them from losers to...well...ultimate killing machines.
Oh yeah...they won't be the first test subjects. Sgt Dobbs (Simon Northwood), a decorated veteran suffering from PTSD has already been injected. Dobbs then turned into a killing machine who rips heads and faces off army privates at this secret facility. As the kids arrive, Dobbs escapes and starts his homicidal rampage. The kids begin showing results immediately and look like they also may be becoming homicidal killing machines. As Dobbs continues his bloody rampage, the four former-losers also escape and prowl the facility's corridors looking for heads to rip off. Now the army men and scientists in the facility are in danger. But wait, Dobbs has a crush on Lena...will this mean she will be impregnated by the beast...or crushed.
What will happen when Dobbs meets his four new comrades in arms? Does Major Blevins and the mad-scientists have any doomsday plan for the facility to be enacted if the test subjects rebel? Are the five monsters at the facility a fair representation of the U.S. military's continued war on the losers of life's lotteries? Okay, that last question was out there...I admit. Directed by David Mitchell, enjoy a monsters-out-of-control-at-an-underground-lab thriller in "UKM: The Ultimate Killing Machine." 


  1. What an endorsement, sounds like A Primo among it's kind and done el dente!!

  2. How did Michael Madsen fall so low. The man can act. I'll have to check this one out.