Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Underground, Mad Scientist's Creations vs. Marines...and Army

Think about it...America's fighting force is minuscule. Most of our armed forces don't even carry guns. Here in the Washington, DC area we have a lot of military personnel...most don't fight...instead they negotiate contracts at The Pentagon, or work human resources issues for one of the four branches. Add the fact that all Americans, Left and Right, are starting to see the futility of the wars we've been involved in over the last several decades. America's military, unless a draft is implemented, will get increasingly smaller. Enter mad-scientists! Those noble sorts who can create genetically mutated beings that take the place of human soldiers...yep...that is where we are headed. Hence 2011's "Underground," directed by Rafael Eisenman.
A special forces team is sent to an underground military laboratory to wipe out an out of control experiment. The out of control experiment wins...wiping out the military team. Two years later a rave party (always a good idea at a top secret military base...what could go wrong?) is held on the site of the base. After some Marines and their hot GFs brawl with some locals, the locals chase them into the underground lab. Now Matt (Ross Thomas) and his very sultry GF Mira (Sofia Pernas), a few other Marines and their very hot GFs are trapped in the domain of the genetically mutated experiments.. Uh oh, the drunk rave-sters lock them in the lab and whatever wiped out the army two years previous now sets their sights on the Marines.
Uh oh...the fiends are an out of control experiment.  Genetically altered DNA produced a new being to replace human soldiers...and they have taken over this underground base. They start shredding the marines and a couple of the hot babes. But wait...they avoid killing all the babes because...well, let us just say the monsters have another use for the vixens. As the Marines get ripped apart, and the very pretty Jenna (Christina Evangelista) dies a very gory death at the hands of...well, you'll see, Matt and Mira devise a plan to combat the mutants. They better hurry, their friends are losing limbs, eyes, and intestines at a rapid rate.
Do the Marines stand a better chance than the U.S. Army did? If the mutants capture Mira, what horror will be in store for her? Do genetically engineered monster soldiers deserve love too? All the deaths are gory and ominous. The dark underground settings won't shield you from any of the blood red carnage as intestines and internal organs will be thrown at you without mercy. For some great gore, a horror story devoid of humor, and some great cheesecake and beefcake, see "Underground."


  1. Seems the only war America won was when nuking, there's a moral there, explains the mutant soldiers too. Great soliquay at the beginning, was thinking the same.

  2. Sort of a bargain basement Cyborg vs.Doom plot? This should be great for a laugh 😂