Thursday, January 9, 2020

Larva, Giant Parasites Exploding Out Of Chests

Giant flying parasites that explode out of chests. I hate when that happens. Never happens at a convenient time. In 2005's "Larva," this is indeed the case. In one instance a hunk and babe are making out in the backseat. He gets all her clothes and undergarments off, the parasite explodes out of him and then chases the mostly nude damsel through a field...poetry!
Parasites are killing cattle in Host, Missouri (where everyone has Florida license plates). Dr. Eli Rudkus (Vincent Ventresca), the town's new vet, shows up for duty. He befriends survivalist/farmer Jacob (William Forsythe) and finds a new form of parasite infecting the cows and bulls. It grows fast, eats the insides of the beasts, explodes out of it, finds humans to do the same with. The town's cattle all use the feed produced by an evil corporation headed by Fletcher (David Selby). As more cows die, and soon...people, too...Eli tries to warn the townsfolk. Fletcher and his sultry lawyer, Hayley (Rachel Hunter) discredit him, and keep selling their feed.
Hayley is useless to the plot but because she is played by Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Rachel Hunter, we don't mind she is in a lot of scenes. Now townsfolk who have eaten beef...everyone...starts exploding parasites. Even a sappy and sweet little kid gets it. Gun nut Jacob, the sad Eli, and the useless lawyer (although quite stunning) Hayley form a trio that has a plan. As the flying parasite population grows into the thousands, and as nubile half-naked babes get infested...and then explode...the trio act.
Rachel Hunter and that Aussie accent makes us all respect those irrelevant characters. Will the flying parasites finish off the town and move to entire state of Missouri to Florida? Is registering a car cheaper in Florida than it is in Missouri? Who will impregnate Rachel Hunter first...Eli or the monster parasites? Will the parasites get themselves a swimsuit model? This is a gory one with many deaths, and some quite heartbreaking. For some great parasite fun, see "Larva," directed by Abram Cox.


  1. You know what they say about the parasite, they love Sports Ilustrated hosts, keep them skinnny, as to number plates, good question. This is a ripping fun movie.

  2. Gee, do you think Alien stole this plot device?😄😄😄