Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Literature Review: The Sawgrass Footpath

Through and through horror! No comedic interludes. No chapters that give us a break from unrelenting horror. No plot devices that distract us from the horror at hand. horror. Hence Tressa Graves' 2015 novel The Sawgrass Footpath. Every word of this horror novel pulls us deeper into an abyss of pure hell and gore. Be warned...Tressa Graves will horrify you in this novel and not worry about sending you away gasping for some diversion out of bloody terror.
Tom is a doctor in Virginia. He and his lovely wife Ann are moving to Florida. Tom is escaping, though in these types of stories...there is never escape. Tom's parents were butchered a year earlier, the killers are still on the lam. Frightened by the thoughts of the last moments of their parents' lives, Tom packs up and heads to the Tampa area. Uh oh...his thoughts take on lives of their own and his ability to see the blood curdling events of the past may be more than his imagination playing havoc with his sanity. Southbound Tom and Ann go...but evil and fate have no geographic bounds.
Escaping evil is never simple and awaiting them in rural Florida is a house with the same evil past. The horror of the past comes alive for Tom, but perhaps for a more profound reason than to just scare him. As Tom is pulled into the bloody past of his new house, he realizes he and his wife are in mortal danger. As the most disgusting evil individuals ever put on Earth enter Tom and Ann's life, the horrific images of bloodshed from the past beckon Tom...but why...and to do what? Torture, humiliation, and intense destruction of person and psyche occur, Tom and Ann must hold some form of sanity together in order to fight back. Fight back they may, but evil (real evil that even intimidates the minions in Hell) doesn't often lose.
What did happen in the past that has attached itself to Tom is such horrific fashion? Can Tom make sense of the blood dripping ghostly apparitions that are trying to guide him? Warning...this is a horror story with no regard for your comfort. Tressa Graves has given us, in The Sawgrass Footpath, a fable of what true evil and horror look like, and the power they have to prevail over our own free will and determination. If you love dark horror, Tressa Graves is your new best friend. Read The Sawgrass Footpath and don't say you haven't been warned.
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