Sunday, January 12, 2020

Literature Review: The Adventures of Johnny Walker Ranger Demon Slayer

With an author and director, both praised by New York Times reviews, and attracting high-brow cine-philes and the wine and brie crowd, "The Exorcist" schooled that segment of America on demon possession. Fear not, real people! Yes, us real peeps who work in the salt mines, struggle to pay all our bills, and don't have nannies for our children...Ezekiel Kincaid gives us a tome on demon possession. The elites have Georgetown educated Catholic priests, and Kincaid gives us feisty Evangelicals. They have Washington, DC and trendy neighborhoods...Kincaid gives us the Bible belt and trailer parks. "The Exorcist" gives us an A list actress and the establishment...Kincaid gives us trailer trash and misfits. Alas, we take a peek at Ezekiel Kincaid's horror epic, The Adventures of Johnny Walker Ranger Demon Slayer.

Our protagonist is more than a mere tip of the hat to Bruce Campbell's 'Ash' in the "Evil Dead" films. Johnny Walker is a 32 year old garbage man called by...well...Jesus, to repel a demon invasion. The trailer park resident and foul mouth redneck, in need of serious sensitivity training, is ready. What follows is hundreds of pages of warfare pitting our redneck hero and his recruited army against Satan's minions. As tyhe demon invasions begins slowly, it quickly comes at us in waves.  The politically incorrect Johnny will recruit pseudo Goths, misfits, and other losers in order to save the world of a disaster of biblical proportion.
As over the top as this plot may have no idea. Ezekiel Kincaid, he himself a man of God, brings Heaven's forces into the plot in order to assist the redneck 'chosen-one.' Throw in some cheesy martial arts, a sultry damsel (and love interest), and even a flamethrower (yes!), the unfolding epic will have you laughing despite the horror, gore, and carnage. But a weird way Johnny is drawn into a relationship with Jesus that will aid his fight infinitely more than the trailer park weapons he utilizes. As the heavy drinking, loud burping, foul-mouthed Johnny begins a relationship with a Bible believing church, his standing to take on Satan's forces is increased...and Satan will stop at nothing to destroy Johnny and his forces.
Hilarious and horrific but never heretical. Mr. Kincaid's delivery is entertaining and will have you laughing, and at no time is any Christian tenet made fun of or disrespected. Without any spoilers given, it is fair to say that Mr. Kincaid's ultimate villains in this novel are the same ones Jesus warned us about in the New Testament. For some great horror, with non-stop laughs, and an unconventional sermon or two, enjoy The Adventures of Johnny Walker Ranger Demon Slayer.
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