Tuesday, January 17, 2023

The Shadowed Mind, An Asylum for the Deviant

We have a weird and erotic one from South Africa and Australia today.  Picture this...a weird asylum, dilapidated and out of the way, for the sexual deviant.  Nymphomaniacs, sex-crazed killers, exhibitionists, etc. reside here.  Oh yes...every patient is a hunk or babe.  Soon, many will be former hunks and babes as a knife wielding psycho begins work.  Blood, gore, pre-marital sex, and uncomfortable sexual situations will abound.  Today we look at 1988's "The Shadowed Mind," directed by Cedric Sundstrom.

Stephanie (Adrienne  Pearce), a babe and a half, is dumped off at Dr. Dieter's (Towje Kleiner) asylum for the sexual insane.  She is an exhibitionist and loves to flaunt her boobs, wherever, whenever, and to whoever. You'll see this right off...and won't mind.  Dr. Dieter is the head shrink and has a very sexual relationship with his head nurse, Helen (Trish Downing).  The small staff are all hunks and babes, too...and maybe just as sexually deviant.  Leaving out a lot, Paul (Rufus Swart) is a 26 year old patient.  The stud is bi-sexual, or so it appears.  He develops an instant attraction to Stephanie.  Who wouldn't?  Uh oh...the knife wielding slasher begins.  The fiend guts the lovely Brenda (Debra Kaye).  Poor thing, she just finished steamy sex with her staff-mate Kurt (Evan J. Klisser).

The murders will continue.  Uh oh, Dieter is afraid his asylum won't get a federal grant (he'd be perfect to run the CDC) if the foundation discovers many of the staff and patients are being knifed in the throes of pre-marital sex.  He and Helen hide the bodies.  Soon, flies will infest their ever increasing pile of corpses. Paul gets bold and barges in on our exhibitionist babe seeking pre-marital sex.  She seems experienced, but is she?  Uh oh, Dieter has some grand and devious plan...and Paul is a part of it.  Now Helen develops a conscience and tries to call the cops.  Dieter will have none of this.  One by one the staff and patient community shrink and Dieter's pile gets bigger.  Paul gets more aggressive in his pursuit of Stephanie.  Dieter sees his grant money going down the drain.  The knife gets shinier and more active.

Just who is killing the babes and hunks at Dieter's insane asylum?  What is the deal with Paul and Stephanie and what exactly are their sexual deviancies?   Is Dieter's asylum a rather blunt metaphor for today's colleges and universities in America?  Steamy.  Sick.  Erotic. Disturbed.  Use whatever descriptor you want.  For gratuitous nudity, gore, and weird sexual situations, see "The Shadowed Mind."      

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