Wednesday, January 25, 2023

The Dark is Death's Friend, Car Thief and Serial Killer imperil Euro-Babes

From Italy!!!  Yet another Giallo offering...thx to TubiTV's recommendations.  A serial killer being stupid! A cheating husband being stupid.  Car thieves being stupid!  Who suffers?  Sultry Euro-babes... this is after all Giallo.  The beautiful die so horribly in these...and they will in today's feature, too.  Alas...a cheating husband with a perfect do you think that will work out?  Today we look at 1975's "The Dark is Death's Friend," directed by Luigi Cozzi.

Hunk Giorgio (George Hilton) has a problem.  His Euro-babe wife, Norma (Tere Veleazquez) knows he's cheating.  She intends to cut him off from the family wealth.  Then Giorgi gets lucky...he storms out of the house and witnesses a serial killer (Antoine Saint-John) dump his latest Euro-babe victim in the harbor.  The opportunist Giorgio is, he approaches the fiend with a deal.  He will pay him a fortune to bump off Norma and make it look like a kidnapping.  Yeah...this'll work...right!  Our evil killer goes into the apartment and strangles the poor life out of Euro-babe Norma, puts her in the trunk of his car, and goes back inside to wipe off fingerprints.

Enter the frolicking young lovers, Luca (Alessio Orano) and the nubile Laura (Christina Galbo).  They steal the killer's car, with Norma in the trunk.  Now our killer pursues Laura and Luca...and Giorgio tries to play all sad to the police inspector (Eduardo Fajardo).  The horny Luca and Laura go for a joyride and our killer closes in on them in a car he has just stolen.  Yep...of course, he will catch up to them.  But wait!  Guess what!  Supreme Euro-babe, we'll refer to as ditzy blonde (as do the credits) played by Femi Benussi.  I won't tell you too much about her entrance and actions in what follows...but what a great character...and well stacked, too.  Pre-marital sex will follow...and you can guess by who with who.  Blood, gore, and rape will also ensue.  Alas, not all the babes will survive...but will any of the hunks?

So, will ditzy blonde and Laura engage in a catfight with lots of pulled hair and scratching?  Who will get more action, Luca or killer-guy?  Is an Italian named Giorgio, with impressive chest hair, capable of outsmarting Italy's police force?  Prurient all the way, this film is some nice Giallo.  For an alluring and vicious movie, see "The Dark is Death's Friend."   

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  1. This was released by Mondo Macabro under the title The Killer Must Kill Again.