Friday, January 27, 2023

Sins of Desire, Sexual Deviance and Homicide at a Sex Clinic

Tanya Roberts.  We all love her.  Still, we must all admit she doesn't make the top three list of our favorite "Charlie's Angels" babes.  This is perhaps unfair.  The writing for the show went down hill by the time she joined the cast.  I guess what I am saying is if she had a scene or two in which she seduced Cheryl Ladd or Jaclyn Smith, and they engaged in steamy sex...well...Tanya Roberts may have bolted to the top of our lists.  What could have been.  Tanya Roberts in a steamy lesbian sex scene!  Well...wonder no more.  Our friend Jim Wynorski was probably thinking the same thing.  Before a gratuitous catfight between Tanya Roberts and ultra-babe Delia Sheppard, the two vixens had that steamy sex scene.  Today we look at 1993's "Sins of Desire."

As our film opens, Dr. Scott Callister (John Henry Richardson) has drugged and raped his patient, Monica (Gail Thackery).  Poor Monica, she'll die because of it.  Scott runs a clinic for the sexually dysfunctional.  He loves raping his female patients.  Scott's wife, Jessica (Sheppard) also loves raping the female patients. The clinic's treatment methods may be saner than Dr. Fauci's but are still problematic.  Pam (Carrie Stevens), another patient, becomes suicidal and throws herself into oncoming traffic.  Now Kay (Roberts) is mad.  Pam was her sister.  She is determined to investigate the clinic and bring it down.  Also, with the same plan is private eye, and hunk, Barry (Nick Cassavetes).  See, Monica was also a P.I. and working with Barry. 

We see Jessica's treatment methods for impotence.  It consists of putting two frisky strippers in bed with middle-aged male men.  If all else fails, she'll jump into the bed, too.  Kay and Barry will begin working together and also having steamy pre-marital sex.  We'll see Jessica and Scott have marital sex...and boy is it steamy!  Now Barry and Kay are determined to sneak into the clinic and find evidence that will connect Jessica and Scott to the deaths of Pam and Monica.  To do this, Kay will have to seduce Jessica...and she will do a fine job of it.  The two will have quite the love scene.  Uh oh...Jessica and Scott are smart and homicidal.  They know Barry and Kay are snooping.  Machine guns, catfights, souped up jalopies, and neat lingerie will carry the second half of the film.

Would Tanya Roberts have knocked the living daylights out of Cheryl Ladd or Jaclyn Smith in a catfight?  After their ambitious catfight, will Kay and Jessica kiss and make-up?  Can anyone argue with Jessica's treatments for impotence?  You'll need a shower after this one.  For a prurient good time, see "Sins of Desire," and wonder what "Charlie's Angels" could have been with better writing.

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