Thursday, January 5, 2023

Bermuda Island, Hunks and Babes vs Monsters on a Deserted Island

Alas, he died in 2003.  Charles Berlitz would have been proud of today's film. The pioneer of language training was also a great author of paranormal subjects.  In the 1970s, he made the Bermuda Triangle famous.  Sadly, he never solved the mystery...although, he might have if he saw 2023's "Bermuda Island," directed by Adam Werth.  Lucky for us the Mahal brothers and Werth have given us a film diving into the Bermuda Triangle mystery with the help of toothy cannibalistic monsters...and skinny dipping.

An airplane bringing vacationers to Puerto Rico boards.  Uh arms dealer, Diego (Noel Gugliemi) is brought on board as he is extradited there.  He's guarded by a team of FBI agents (I guess they took a break from harassing parents at school board meetings).  Diego doesn't intend to let the FBI deliver him.  A freak storm, not on any radar, engulfs the plane and sends it plunging into the ocean below.  Bye bye Diego.  Luckily, a lot of babes and hunks survive including Carolyn (Sarah French) and hunk Damon (Victor V. Gelsomino).  Also surviving is evil FBI agent, SA Sweden (Wesley Cannon).  The monsters come quickly and disembowel, chomp, and rip throats out.  Now the surviving group is smaller. Also emanating from the jungle is Bruce (John Wells).  Bruce is a soldier who watched his unit get eaten by the things.

Now Bruce works to keep the survivors surviving.  Sweden is jealous and takes half the survivors to another part of the island.  The two camps train, create weapons, and keep losing people to the fiends. Carolyn and Damon will go skinny-dipping and kiss a lot.  Now the film is about surviving the wrath of evil survivors and also cannibalistic and hungry monsters.  We pull for Bruce's group, as Carolyn is in that group...and she's a babe.  No hiding monsters here.  Mr. Werth shows us these toothy and wild monsters and the carnage they do.  Intestines will fly, as will limbs.  Throats will be ripped out, and through it all, the survivors get more apt at defending and killing...but is it too late?

Knowing what happens to skinny-dippers in these types of films, will our babe, Carolyn, survive to the end credits?  Who are the monsters to be feared the most, the toothy creatures, or the maniacal FBI agent's castaways?  Is Bruce really who he says he is?  His backstory is'll see. This is a gore-fest sure to please horror fans.  A lot of monsters, babes in peril, and hunks trying to save them...classic elements of pure horror.  Beware, this is a vicious horror film, not a soap opera-like horror plot, or a RomCom-like horror plot that looks more like a reality show.  If you like your horror with lots of blood and with a high death count...and internal organs flying...see "Bermuda Island."

"Bermuda Island" will be available for streaming on January 23, 2023.  To watch the YouTube trailer, click on this link Bermuda Island trailer

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