Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Ravenstein, Bird Monster Defends Turf

This is an easy one.  When someone named Eveshka Ghost makes a movie...this blog will be there for it.  Who is Eveshka Ghost?  The maker of 2020's "Ravenstein," of course.  I suspect she is also quite the maven in the music industry, too, but I am so ignorant when it comes to the music scene that we will stick to the monster raven film before us. 

Two likable teens, David (James McClusky) and Marky (Nik Kaneti-Dimmer) are riding there bikes home one night.  The two were trying to score, unsuccessfully, and are probably fortunate that they didn't.  David is the more mature one and a sad home drama involving him is hinted at.  They stop in front of a "private property" sign forbidding trespassing.  Drunk, at least Marky is, the duo decide to investigate the property as the outer fence has fallen down.  In they go.  It is so cool.  An abandoned and old complex, totally destroyed.  Broken glass and penetrated walls.  But what was this place?  The two are surprised by a supposed squatter, the homeless Jack (Chris Wilson).  Jack is gruff but seemingly harmless and magnanimous.

Then after Marky and Jack imbibe some more, the drunk Marky goes exploring.  He'll find some weird stuff.  Unfortunately, a half raven-half man finds him and chases him.  David catches up to Marky and soon the bird monster is chasing both boys.  When two other drunks, Andy (Thomas Walters) and Charlie (Seth Easterbrook) wander in...the bird's hunt is widened in scope.  Now the raven monster is ticked off, but why.  More surprises abound, and a surprise character is introduced that will help answer many questions...maybe not happily, alas.

Exactly where did this bird monster come from?  What is the deal with the mysterious squatter, Jack, who lives at this abandoned plant?  Just what was this plant/factory before it was abandoned and why was it abandoned?  Dark and energetic, "Ravenstein" is a neat horror film that doesn't try to be too much.  Eveshka Ghost, if you are reading this...WELL DONE!!!

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