Monday, July 25, 2022

Diggers, Russia's C.H.U.D. Problem

As Russia is poised to take over all of Europe it behooves us to learn more about Russian horror.  The more we know about it, the more we can relate to them.  Cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers aren't just a problem for American inner cities...nope...Moscow has 'em as well.  See!  We can empathize and relate to our Eurasian brethren unless you live in Kiev... then you may want to run.  Today we look at 2016's "Diggers" (aka "Diggery"), directed by Tikhon Kornev.  By the way, if you saw "Trackman," consider this the long awaited sequel."

You gotta love her.  Dina (Mariya Shekaturiva).  She is attending a cosplay convention in Moscow and is adorned in her favorite manga character's garb...she even has a kind of fake sword.  She'll take the subway home...or try to.  She catches the last car...which whizzes past her stop.  Uh oh...something is shredding all the passengers in the car in front of hers and the subway heads all the way to the abandoned end of the line.  Now her, and some weirdos are trapped there.  She is there with some Chinese guy (Din Fan) who has a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist, and many more.  Also joining her in the abandoned tunnels are a digger, Egor (Andrey Levin) who was hired by Artem (Roman Evdokimov) and his lover Dasha (Anna Vasileva) to find her and their friends.  They found them...and now they are trapped.

Trapped?  By what?  Cannibalistic monsters!  That's what.  Now it gets really crowded...a TV reality show crew stumbles in.  Don't get too attached to them.  The killings start here.  In an instant the crew is shredded and beheaded by this thing that looks like the thing from "Syngenor."  It goes through Russian hunks and babes like crap through a goose...The Ukraine needs to find some of these.  The kids are on the run and find lairs and mutants in jars.  They are being hunted and shredded one by one.  This will get pretty grim and many of the killings will be quite heartbreaking.  Oh!  Dina, our manga cosplay gal?  Ha!  You'll see. 

Will anyone survive the cannibalistic monsters in this film?  Will there be any relationship drama at play in the shadow of mutant cannibals?  Ah, yep!  Where did these monsters come from and can The Ukraine import them to the front lines instead of complicated and defective U.S. HIMARS systems?  This is a good one especially if you like your horror horrific.  For a reason not to take public transportation, see "Diggers."   

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