Sunday, July 31, 2022

Demented, Lingerie Babe has a Meat Cleaver

A cacophony of gang rape and lingerie is one way to describe this exploitation/slasher flick.  Perhaps we may say it is a mesh of "I Spit On Your Grave" and "A Touch of Class."  This is a brutal rape/revenge flick written by the star of "The Incredible Melting Man," Alex Rebar.  Perhaps many will find this film in bad taste, as if that awful Clint Eastwood film, "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" is not in horrible taste.  No apologies here, so if you're offended, go watch a Cate Blancett bore-a-thon.  Today we look at 1980's "Demented," directed by Arthur Jeffreys.

Alas, Linda (Sallee Young), suffers a brutal fate.  The classy babe in an equestrian get-up is gratuitously gang raped by four thugs.  Her attackers will go to prison and Linda will head to a mental institution.  Almost recovered...okay, 'almost' may be an exaggeration...Linda is sent home.  Her doctor husband Matt (Harry Reems) has provided nicely for her.  Uh oh...Matt is a dirty two-timer and has a steamy affair with the skank Carol (Kathryn Clayton).  Carol has a great assortment of lingerie and some dirty moves.  Now Linda experiences flashback hallucinations from her rape and is not doing well.  Even worse, some neighborhood hoodlums sneak into her home one night when she is alone and almost send her off the edge.  As Matt spends many of his nights having extra-marital sex with Carol, the lingerie clad Linda stays home alone in much fear.

Uh oh again...those hoodlums come back and they are back for rape.  The hoodlums get more than they bargained for when Linda does indeed snap.  Now, clad in some very naughty undergarments, Linda is no longer afraid.  She strikes back, all nymphomaniac and psycho.  She has a meat cleaver ready and other assorted deadly weapons.  Killing her new set of rapists is too easy.  Linda has other endeavors in mind including castration'll see, and it will be ghoulish.  Exploding with pheromones, the victim turned torturer/killer has no sense of mercy.

Does the new Linda have something in mind for Matt and Carol after she finishes with her new set of rapists?  After their tirade when they saw "I Spit On Your Grave," did Siskel and Ebert have a cow after seeing this film?  Is this film a good example of the misogynistic mindset of Big Hollywood?  I know we're not supposed to say we enjoyed this film, especially in our woke society, but...tough!  For an enjoyable rape/revenge flick, see "Demented."         

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