Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Monika, A Very Steamy Ghost

Cerina Vincent as a ghost?  Yes!  Unlike most ghost depictions in movies, the ghost in our film today does much more than Casper.  Yep, the Cerina Vincent Ghost sweats a lot during pre-marital sex, very steamy pre-marital sex, I might add.  She sucks face nicely.  The erotic specter also leads with very impressive cleavage.  Today we look at 2012's "Monika," directed by Steven R. Monroe. 

Reagan (Jason Wiles) is a struggling actor invited to orgy like festivities in Vegas.  Yep, he's invited by a B movie actor known as Double (C. Thomas Howell).  Reagan balks at the invite, which will occur in a crack-whore motel...I guess they didn't have Marriott points.  A weird dream (premonition, really) changes his mind, and he goes.  Before he gets to Double's room, Monika (Vincent) hauls him over.  The two bond, suck face, and have sweaty pre-marital sex.  Uh oh...Monika was murdered before Reagan arrived in Vegas.  A ghost?  Sure, we'll go with that.  Monika got herself riddled with bullets as she undertook a mission to kill off the criminal gang that addicted her little sister to meth...then killed her.

Terry Jo (Jeff Branson) is the thug who murdered Monika's sister, Leanne (Shayla Beesley).  He works for a slime-bag, Eli (Andrew Howard).  Elis orders Terry Jo to murder everyone in Leanne's cell/contact list.  Monika enlists Reagan to help her finish what se started...murder the rest of the miserable gang.  A lot of murder will ensue...and a lot of cleavage will be thrust at us.  Monika is all seduction and all vengeance.  The peeps in Monika's and Reagan's lives will die horribly, leaving the two weird lovers no choice but to exterminate Eli's entire criminal enterprise.

With America's doing away with flirting, romancing, and dating, are erotic and nymphomaniac ghosts a good alternative to nubile college coeds?  Does being in an undead state effect the size of...actually, never mind this question, it was a silly one.  Will the steamy sex between Monika and Reagan end after the completion of the mission?  Erotic and vicious...not a bad combo for a film.  See "Monika" and enjoy a great performance by Cerina Vincent.    

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