Sunday, April 24, 2022

Dark Light, Lizard People vs Insane Mom

They are here!  They have been watching us.  Living among the shadows.  Waiting.  No, not the phony Ukrainian refugees...lizard people!  I don't know about you, but I have met a lot of people lately who swear 'they' are here...watching.  Are they right?  Or are they clinically insane?  Today we look at 2019's "Dark Light," directed by Padraig Reynolds.

This doesn't help.  She is clinically insane.  As the film begins she blows her daughter and ex-husband away with a shotgun...or does she?  The story then goes back to show us how we got to this carnage. Annie (Jessica Madsen), a babe, has sanity issues.  Institutionalized recently after a mental breakdown, nothing about her gives the suggestion of sanity.  After leaving her two-timing husband, Paul (Ed Brody), Annie moves back into a farmhouse in which she grew up.  Her little daughter, Emily (Opal Littleton), is with her.  Immediately she hears noises in the wall and sees strange lights in the cornfield.  Then she has glimpses of monsters inside the house.  Uh oh...the creatures seem to want Emily...and they do get her.

Later, after being arrested for the murder of Emily, Annie escapes and returns to the farmhouse to find her daughter.  Now she figures out what she is up against and is armed with guns and other stuff.  The monsters don't want to give up Emily as they feed on the child's energy.  Annie is prepared to go all Rambo in order to get Emily back.  She'll have to win a war with these weird and toothy creatures to do that.  Many will die in horrible fashion at the hands of the lizard people...but most of them sort of had it coming.  Just saying. 

Where did these lizard people come from?  Are our buddies who tell us 'we are not alone,' ' and we are being watched' correct?  Are the people we have locked up in mental asylums wiser than we give them credit for?  For a wild and ambitious monster movie, "Dark Light" is quite a ride.  Enjoy the toothy lizard people, gory killings, and a well-armed babe who will stop at nothing to rescue her daughter and save the planet Earth.        

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  1. fake refugees, isn't elon musk giving them the Tesla rejects and a few beta star links..... where is hollywood one has balls to stand up to putin....