Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Favor, Murder Between freinds

You've all heard it.  A friend will help you move, but a best friend will help you move the body.  Are friends overrated?  Are they more trouble than they are worth?  Have they really always been there for you, or have they been there to laugh at your failure and ills?  Today we look at a shocking horror story, 2013's "Favor," directed by Paul Osborne.

We've all been there.  Starts off as rough sex and all of a sudden someone gets out of control and the gal dies.  Should this ruin a guy's life?  This is where good friends come in.  Kip (Blayne Weaver) has just killed the babe waitress Abby (Rosalie Ward) in a seedy motel room.  He has much to lose.  A beautiful wife, Claire (Cheryl Nichols) is obediently waiting for him at home.  Kip has an idea...a childhood friend!  Kip goes over to Marvin's (Patrick Day).  Marvin is a loser with no job or chance at dating anyone.  Happy to have a friend, Marvin not only agrees to help Kip get rid of Abby's corpse, but agrees to do it himself.  Marvin sends Kip home and heads over to the motel room to dispose of Abby before anyone finds her.

Kip has a great advertising job.  He has a strict boss played by Jeffrey Combs and a sultry young assistant (Christina Rose) who he'll probably have extra-marital sex with soon.  Now he also has...Marvin!  Marvin is needy.  He needs money, a job, and a sultry girlfriend.  Even worse, Marvin  now believes Kip owes him.  Marvin inserts himself in Kip's life and asks about the sultry assistant and all of Claire's single friends.  With the threat of exposing Kip's deed to his wife or the cops, Kip agrees to help out.  Claire gets suspicious.  Marvin seems mentally unstable and has some secrets which Kip cannot even guess at.  Uh oh...Marvin is now calling the shots in Kip's life and no woman in Kip's realm is safe.  Now we begin to see that Kip, himself, may hardly be sane...you'll see.

This is a nice thriller that becomes a shocking horror story.  When you start seeing where this one is going, you'll scream, "NO!"  Will Marvin get a woman from Kip?  Have all the murders in this film taken place in the opening scene?  Does Kip have any alternatives to just giving Marvin everything he asks for?  Shocking, bloody, and a bit taboo..."Favor" is definitely not the feel good film of the 21st century.  For a vicious ride, see "Favor."   


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