Thursday, March 17, 2022

Slashlorette Party, Lingerie Clad Babes Behaving Badly

Lingerie clad babes in catfights.  Lingerie clad babes murdering one another,  Nude stripper babes rubbing each other in the shower.  Lingerie clad babes doing lesbian make-out scenes.  Hunk guys chasing after the lingerie clad babes.  Yep...a plot for the ages.  In a metaphor for this last decade, 2020's "Slashlorette Party," directed by Paul Ragsdale and Angelica De Alba.  In this one machetes and axes will join the babes as decapitations, disembowelment, and bludgeoning explode at you on the silver screen.

Plot?  Seriously?  Okay, here goes.  Brie (Molly Souza) is a redheaded beauty engaged to the rude Dolph (Andrew Brown).  She is having second thoughts as Dolph has all the signs of being an abusive future spouse.  Brie talks to her shrink, Dr. Petra (Ginger Lynn) about her fears of marriage.  The bachelorette party is at hand and her maid of honor,  Alexa (Brooke Morris) gets her to an isolated cabin with her besties, Dolph, and Dolph's hunk friends.  Brie is eager to get away from Dolph but inertia seems to be taking her to the altar.  Uh oh...Dolph intents to have sex with some of the bridesmaids including the very hot Carmella (Vanessa Mata).  Uh oh, again...the sultry Nia (Nina Lance Kent) wants to run away with Brie and have passionate lesbian sex with her.  

Enter two slashers with machetes and axes.  Pretty bridesmaids and hunks begin dying horribly in the woods around the cabin.  Two blonde strippers arrive and make-out with the hunks and bridesmaids, and each other in a steamy shower.  Then a weird male stripper shows up...this will give you nightmares.  Nia makes her passion play for Brie, giving us a steamy lesbians in lingerie make-out scene.  Machetes in the face, blonde stripper entrails washing down the drain, and decapitations fill the second half of this film.  Suspects?  Yes!  Everyone, actually.  No character in this film is well adjusted, psychologically...and all have plenty of access to bladed weapons.

Is "Slashorette Party" a thinly veiled metaphor for the CDC and the horror they inflicted upon the world?  Will Brie end up choosing Dolph, Nia, or one of the slashers...or maybe a blonde stripper?  Are axes and machetes to the gut a sign of a more puritanical indie film industry than what mainstream Hollywood is?  Is being aroused by blood dripping down satin lingerie a sign of sexual deviance?  Okay, this is a wild one that should not be discussed in polite company.  If you have some impolite company coming over, put on "Slashlorette Party."   

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