Monday, March 7, 2022

Biohazard, Star Trek Space Babe vs. Alien

Angelique Pettyjohn was taken from us too soon.  At almost 49 years old, the beauty succumbed to cancer after beating a nasty alcohol problem.  Most remember her as the sultriest space-babe ever to appear on a "Star Trek" episode, and right after that as a co-star in an Elvis Presley film.  Later in life, Ms. Pettyjohn became an "adult entertainer" in Vegas.  Today we will look at a Fred Olen Ray film which she starred in, 1985's "Biohazard." 

The U.S. Army is summoned to a desert lab where an unusual crate has been taken.  Carter (William Fair) is an army guy assigned to tend to this crate as generals and U.S. senators discuss what it is.  Oh yes, Lisa (Pettyjohn).  Looking like an adult entertainer, and seemingly old enough to be Carter's mother, the blonde bombshell is apparently a psychic with a connection to the alien in the crate.  Yep, the alien gets loose and goes on a rampage.  Carter is assigned to team up with Lisa and kill it.  They'll feel each other up first, which is very awkward given the apparent age difference of the two.

The alien looks to be a cross between Twiki from "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" and a teen-age mutant ninja turtle.  Nevertheless, he is adept at shredding throats and faces.  While on the loose the alien kills annoying people and most notably, the adult entertainer looking Jenny (Loren Crabtree).  She'll be nude in a bathtub when we first see her...very sad, but obviously competition for Ms. Pettyjohn on the set of this film.  Carter proves incompetent and so does Lisa as they smooch and grope.  Uh oh...the alien seems to be giving birth to little snake-like aliens with big teeth that like to shoot themselves at human faces.  Now a final confrontation is inevitable between the Carter and Lisa tandem and the slimy alien things.  Surprises will abound, beware.

Will Lisa and Jenny get in a catfight before Jenny's bloody demise?  Will Carter ever pick on women his own age?  Will the Twiki like alien get any action from any of Earth's adult entertainers?  Hey!  Fred Olen Ray, a "Star Trek" space-babe, adult entertainers, and gory kills!  Watch "Biohazard" and forget about the garbage going on in Europe right now.   

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