Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Pretty Obsession, The Lives and Deaths of Cam Girls

All right.  Sure we have a psycho slasher going after deviant and sultry cam girls.  Not necessarily a fault, we have more of lovely cam girls talking dirty, making out with each other, spanking each other, groping each other, showering together, and exploring fetishes and pushing the proverbial envelope.  Eventually, yes, we have murder.  So if you can stomach deviant fetishes and sultry women making out together, then 2012's "Pretty Obsession," directed by Michael Baumgarten, is the film for you.  I kind of think most of us will gladly put up with cam girls being deviant.

She's a babe.  Rebecca (Brittany Nicole Kovler) is about to graduate high school and earns a lot of spending money working as a cam girl.  This is a secret from her family and friends and she is quite good at it.  She feels herself up and masturbates for her clients.  Can a teen age girl keep a secret? No!  She tells her very buxom bestie, Lauren (Lydia Pritchette) about this.  Now Lauren wants to do it...and quickly sets herself up as a cam girl.  Often, Lauren and Rebecca tag team and make out a lot, do kinky stuff with costumes, spank one another, and shower.  Both gals have fans.  Rebecca is smart enough not to allow fans to know who she is or where she lives.  Lauren?  Not so bright.

Lauren begins meeting her clients and they fork over a lot of money to have sex with her.  One of Rebecca's fan's, Denver (Dylan Hobbs) wants to meet her.  Rebecca refuses.  Denver is a homicidal sex maniac.  He kills cam girls he meets.  He even choked one cam girl with a dildo she was performing with.  Now Denver figures out where Rebecca lives, by meeting Lauren.  Poor Lauren, he only wants her to get to Rebecca...and carnage will ensue.  Now Rebecca and her family are in peril as the psycho decides to invade. 

Will Rebecca and her family survive the twisted wrath of Denver?  Can these high school babes earn more money doing this deviant fetish stuff for perverts than they would majoring in fashion design at U.C.L.A.?  Maybe we should ask Lori Laughlin.  Is the fate of Rebecca and Lauren a good metaphor for the fate of young ladies in a very misogynistic America?  Deviant, twisted, perverted, and quite alluring, see "Pretty Obsession" and then re-evaluate how you will make money this summer.  

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