Thursday, March 3, 2022

Bloodsucker's Planet, Retro Vampire Scifi

Made to look like early 1960's "Planet of the Vampires," our feature today is a weird one.  The Mario Bava classic sporting leather spacesuit clad babes and hunks was a Giallo classic.  Today we look at 2019's "Bloodsucker's Planet," directed by Mark Beal.  We still have snazzy faux leather space-suited clad babes and hunks and eerie monsters.  Oh yes, a purple haired pleasure droid.  Throw in laser guns, bug monsters, toothy vampires, sex, and a barren and slimy planet landscape.

A distress signal from the Planet Mara is detected by the rocket ship Argosy.  Captain McDermott (Allen Menefee) decides to land and check it out.  The planet is dark, rainy, and infested with face-hugging bats. McDermott takes his mechanic Danvers (Logan Hooks), medical officer Condu (Joe Jeremy Herrera), and space-babe Paulina (Adrienne Dobson) to look for the source of the SOS.  Evading slimy bat creatures, the quartet find a base where a weird guy named Bartlett (Joe Grisaffi) lives with his pleasure android, Adrianna (Jessica Bell).  Adrianna cooks, dances, cleans, and satisfies.  She is a looker with ruby red lips and neon purple hair,

Oh yes, second in command, Clarissa (Leni Mex) has remained with the rocket ship.  At first, the visiting quartet are charmed by Bartlett.  One by one, the crew falls victim to creatures controlled by a queen vampire (Catalina Querida).  As the crew members are bitten, they turn into vampires.  Uh oh!  The pleasure android falls in love with Condu.  Now the machine's loyalty isn't to Bartlett, but to the new love of her (its) life.  Condu and Adrianna will have pre-marital sex.  Now bug creatures appear and the sad history of the Planet Mara is explained.  Vampires will get aggressive and desire the rocket ship, now only guarded by Clarissa...and you can guess why.

Will pleasure android Adrianna be able to save the new love of her life or any other human?  Will the queen vampire and her minions turn all of the crew into toothy creatures?  Will either Adrianna or a vampire army commandeer the Argosy for a voyage to Earth?  This is a fun one which will stoke nostalgic fires for those campy old scifi films.  For some purple haired eroticism and vampire horror, see "Bloodsucker's Planet."    

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