Thursday, September 2, 2021

The Werewolf Versus The Vampire Woman, Euro-Babes Beset by Monsters

We love Euro-Trash.  We love Euro-Babes.  Sultry vampire babes, a hunk werewolf, and many Euro-babes in much distress come to us from Spain today.  Even better, Paul Naschy is the werewolf!  The great Spanish horror actor never fails to deliver an entertaining film.  Our feature today is 1971's "The Werewolf Versus The Vampire Woman," directed by Leon Klimovsky.

Okay, it happens, Waldemar (Naschy) wakes up during his autopsy.  See, the coroner took the two silver bullets out of his heart...bad move.  Now the werewolf lives again.  He shreds the autopsy crew, some villagers, and returns to his estate in France.  Enter two babes, Elvira (Gaby Fuchs) and Genevieve (Barbara Capell).  The two nubile babes are researching an 11th century witch/vamp, the Countess Wandesa (Patty Shepard).  They don't know Waldemar is a werewolf when they accept his invite to stay at his place after their car dies.  Both babes are hot for him.  Uh oh, while frolicking, Waldemar and Ganevieve unearth the Countess' tomb and accidentally bring her back to life.

Now, as Elvira and Waldemar fall in love, the Countess beckons Genevieve for some erotic necking and biting.  Now Genevieve is a vamp and she is lusting for her buddy, Elvira.  In what should have been a deal breaker, Waldemar confesses his werewolf-ism to Elvira who insists on sticking by him...fool!  Both Genevieve and the Countess prowl the estate grounds looking for babes, more specifically Elvira.  Waldemar is bent on protecting Elvira, as a fox is bent on protecting chickens.  Soon it is apparent that both Waldemar and Elvira will enter into mortal combat with the two vampire chicks.

Is Elvira ever going to get a clue and start dating someone with earning power?  Exactly who would win the fight between a vampire and a werewolf?  Who will ravage Elvira first, one of the vampire babes or the werewolf?  Erotic and vicious, this Spanish horror film is very satisfying in the monster and the babe department.  For a great Euro-good time, see "The Werewolf Versus The Vampire Woman."

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