Sunday, September 26, 2021

I Spit On Your Grave: Deja Vu, The Rape and Humiliation of a Supermodel

No one does it out I'll do it.  I LOVE 'I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE' MOVIES!!!  That was easy. the way...there is an out...just in case you made a mistake and said it out loud.  The reason sometimes given for admiring this 'misogynistic trash' is..."Well, I just mean I love to see women eventually take charge and give the men what they deserve."  Rubbish!  We love these movies because they stoke our prurient interests and allow us to escape a PC society when we're only supposed to praise what we're told to praise.  So you losers out there...go watch "Men Don't Leave," or "Mystic Pizza," and let us real people enjoy a film for whatever reason that turns us on.  Today's feature is the 2019 Meir Zarchi film "I Spit On Your Grave: Deja Vu." 

Decades after the humiliating and vicious attack on Jennifer (Camille Keaton), she is raking in the bucks with her bestseller detailing it.  This doesn't sit well with the relations of the evil men who Jennifer murdered.  So, as Jennifer has a nice lunch with her supermodel daughter, Chrissy (Jamie Bernadette), the relatives abduct them.  What happens next will be difficult to watch.  Jennifer's fate will betray her victory many years'll see.  Chrissy will be raped, humiliated, tortured, and further beset by psycho kinfolk of Jennifer's original attackers.  Chrissy will be raped by Kevin (Jonathan Peacy) and Becky (Maria Olsen).  They should have killed her...yep, Chrissy escapes.

Naked, battered, bruised, and humiliated, Chrissy wanders the woods as the demented kinfolk hunt her.  Even the mentally challenged Herman (Jim Tavare), who tried to rape her, is after her.  Yep you guessed it.  There is a lot of mother in this ticked off daughter.  I'll spare you the details...but wait!  Chrissy does a fine job at her jaunt of revenge...too bad she didn't see what else was coming her way.  Her beat down and humiliation aren't quite over yet as she has more to fear than her original attackers.  Just like Giallo films...the beautiful die so horribly.  Not to fear, this is not an Italian film...and Chrissy does not intend to just roll over and die.  The soiled supermodel will be a worthy adversary to a force much more involved and bigger than what her mom had to fight many decades ago. 

Jamie Bernadette is sensational in a role many actresses would have not gone near.  Her performance, much of it in the nude, conveys a worldly beauty soiled and debased by the evil reality of the human condition.  Will Chrissy kill all the evil kinfolk in ways that make us wince?  Just what else lurks in these rural woods that has set it's eyes on our supermodel?  What happens to Chrissy's mom?  This film is vicious and you will need a shower after watching it.  Still, watch it...enjoy it...and you will not be compelled to tell anyone you saw it.  So if someone asks what you watched last night...keep your friends and just say "Evita" or "The English Patient."  If you want to enjoy your Friday night...see "I Spit On Your Grave: Deja Vu."


  1. That's deep, spiting on graves and cursing always good physcho therapy, where past riffs can be amended thru a simple act of spitting..

  2. So happy to see you liked it. Most people hate it.