Thursday, September 30, 2021

Feed the Gods, Bigfoot as a Deity

When the gods are fed, sacrifices abound.  Modern cinema has done done away with virgin sacrifices, finally admitting there are no virgins to be sacrificed here in American cinema.  Don't fret, today's film has a couple of babes...and Bigfoots that want to eat them.  So all you Bigfoot fans, today's feature is 2014's "Feed the Gods," directed by Braden Croft.

Somewhere in the wilds of the Pacific northwest, weird stuff is going on.  From the opening scene we can figure out some sort of lottery is taking place which chooses sacrifices to a deity that lives in the woods.  Many years later, Chris (Tyler Johnston) and Will (Shawn Roberts) are settling their foster mom's estate.  With them is Chris' nubile main squeeze, Brit (Emily Tennant).  The brothers find some weird stuff as they go through the house, including a weird VHS tape that seems to capture their biological parents.  Sensing they can find answers to their real parents' identities, the duo, and Brit, drive to the wilderness town of Tendale, which only has 60 people left.  

Seeking answers about their parents, the townsfolk don't want to talk.  They meet the nubile Emma (Britt Irvin) who runs the B&B they are staying at.  She's a doll but is obviously in on some ominous plot.  We also meet two Aussie tourists who will be disposed of right'll see.  Alas, we meet Pete (Aleks Paunovic)...he's huge and seems to be coordinating a religious rite.  Roars are heard in the woods and our trio venture in.  They discover something so sinister that they run for help.  Bad idea.  Now they know too much and the bigfoots are summoned.

What is the relationship between the bigfoots and the Tendale's population?  What happened to Chris' and Will's real parents and will the same events fell them, too?  Are the lack of virgins in the Pacific northwest causing the bigfoot population to wander closer to populated areas?  Perhaps predictable, but the characters are portrayed very well.  Perhaps this s the type of film set in the English countryside and featuring Christopher Lee as a pagan priest, "Feed the Gods" may be termed a bargain basement Hammer horror feature.  For a neat Bigfoot plot, see "Feed the Gods."    

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